Old Boys

Anybody with their own teeth and matching incontinence bag going to the Old Boys reunion this year? I remember (just) my first few days in "Brat Coll", wondering what asylum had been emptied to make up the intake, it did'nt get better when I ask one of the lads why he was bashing his todger against one of the steel lockers and he replied "cos it feels great when I stop it"!! I can't help wondering what the present junior soldier would have make of life in the "Brat Coll". The being thrown out of the first floor window inside a mattress cover (a drop of a couple of feet onto a flat roof, though of course you did'nt know that at the time) or being sent all around camp on mad errands, "bed waits" from the QMs to packets of "mint ovaries" or "bulling rings" from the NAAFI. Well at least I found religion at the "Brat Coll", on Sundays everyone was marched down to Church, you were either RC or CofE, if you tried to be agnostic like me, you ended up cleaning crappers. I rapidly became CofE. Well I've rambled on, but thats what us old'uns do..............wibble wibble wibble
I had my character developed in 82 as well, it must have been a good year ! Any of you going to the Old Boys Reunion ?
I have the paperwork in my office, but this is a cut from a message sent from MOD reunited.

There is an ‘Old Boys’ Dinner coming up on 10 September 2005 for eligible members ie Enlisted Boys, Band Boys, Apprentices, Junior Tradesmen, Junior Leaders. Closing date 26 August 2005.

Corps RSM is POC
Just been stopped by the POC.

Please tell all your contacts about the Old Boys Reunion!

If you need more info please PM me and I will get it for you.

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