Old boy wanting to join RLC - Logistics Supply Specialist... Golden Hello?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by kevo66, Jan 24, 2012.

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  1. Evening all,

    New here. Getting on a bit now (29) and want to get away from the shite and fragile job security that is civvie streeet!

    Got a Q on the above role in relation to the golden hello.

    I am aware it is used to attract people with skills in the relivant field but I am wondering if anyone can enlighten me on the criterea please?

    I have spent the last 6 years as a manager in G4S (logistics with cash) where I was responsible for circa 35 staff. In terms of paper based qualifications in the logistics field I have none... I was wondering if experience was taken into consideration over bits of paper?!


  2. You dont need any experience or qualifications for this trade.
  3. Thanks skids, I was assuming they would want something though to qualify for the golden hello?
  4. I think as a private in the RLC you'll find that your experience will not count for very much.

    I don't think that they will be offering a golden hello for a Log Spec, no previous experience required, no shortage of suitable candidates (two arms, two legs - you're in). It's for things like paramedic, or transfering to EOD.
  5. Logistic Specialist (Supply) - British Army Website

    States at the bottom that they offer a golden hello? But no info on criterea ;)
  6. Bugger me, you're right!

    Wouldn't surprise me if the golden hello just was a free years subscription to Soldier mag.
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  7. If you have the quals I guess they could offer you a golden hello if you went down the officer route? Don't quote me on that though, purely speculative.
  8. Or the spunkstainer
  9. Nearly - it's actually the Sustainer.
  10. My advice would be to go into your nearest ACIO and get first hand knowledge from the recruiting staff there. It's possible that someone on the arrse website has received the golden hello for the RLC specialist but I would doubt that they could advise you due to your situation with your particular civvie job/lack of physical qualifications.

    Speculation isn't really helpful, just raises more questions I'd say? :)
  11. Your experience will count for naught as a Pte (although it might mark you out for quick promotion as you'll be more switched on than the younger lads) and if you've worked in a high pressure environment doing ACTUAL logistics you'll be bored as an Officer in the RLC.

    If you REALLY want to take the Soldier route in the Army go for it. Otherwise, and if you want to be an Officer, other two services do more real time actual logistics as opposed to sitting in offices talking about it.
  12. From the Army website, but can only second the advice given above, go talk to the ACIO.
  13. Golden Hello my arse, knowing the RLC they probably meant "Golden Shower," still that's an improvement on being brassed up on the gate at Deepcut!
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  14. Good input there.

    Thanks for contributing.
  15. You gotta hand it to the MOD/Army websiteists, they manage to make any job sound really exciting.