Old Bill cartoon

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by brettarider, Feb 24, 2007.

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  1. had a look on the net for this image of old bill as a cartoon anyone got a copy or know of one on the net?

  2. As seen in the documentary "Memphis Belle"?
  3. Whatever I've seen the image as a picture on it's own before in a book years ago
  4. Try searching for Bruce Bairnsfather, he was the creator of these cartoons.
  5. TT already tried that no joy I'm afraid cant find any two types either but plenty of Bill Mauldin though
  6. Bill Mauldin's cartoons are pretty good too, won't one of his do?
  7. Perhaps the image might be in the book “In Search of a Better 'Ole”, on Amazon.co.uk from @ £11.50? But then again is it not likely Bairnsfather never drew this, instead it was some WWII fuselage artist – hence would there be a ‘paper’ cartoon original as such, though there’s probably pics in books of fuselage art?

    Re Two Types, I have the books and can scan a few cartoons for you if you like.

  8. I saw nose-art very similar to this on a photograph of an RCAF Halifax........ even it also was called "Old Bill"........... anyhow, as a redirect, here's a thread I posted for more Bairnsfather cartoons.........

    Web Page Name
  9. Wouldn say no think they summed up the 8th army very well and I would be surprised if Maudlin never used them as inspiration for his 2 characters
  10. It seems that Bairnsfather actually did paint this on the aircraft himself.



    So it was probably a one off and there aren't any originals, especially as he destroyed a lot of his drawings himself.
  11. I have got a couple of the original fragments from france I'll have a butchers see if the is anything in there, don't think their is though.
  12. Good hit Steven, if he painted to a grid with a prior original, the original should be quite valuable.