Old BFT Times

Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by Mutineer, Apr 2, 2009.

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  1. As a gentleman of a certain age I recall doing my old BFT in boots. One and a half miles in fifteen minutes squadded and then the same again - best individual effort - within eleven and a half minutes.

    I think you were awarded an extra minute at age 30, and 30 seconds at age 35 or something like that. If you were over 40 you had a week or two to get round.

    Does anyone remember the exact timings that were used 'back in the day'?
  2. If my old memory is right, I think that you had 30 seconds at 30 and another at 35, and why was it when you had a new 2Lt join the first thing he did on a Monday morning was take you on a BFT, ffs you had the weekend to get over.
  3. If under 30 years of age then you had 15 minutes to complete a 1.5 mile squadded run then best personal effort with a cut off time of 10.30 minutes. In 28 Engr Regt you were only given 10.10 minutes. If 30-35 then you were given an extra 30 seconds to complete the personal effort. 35 -40 then you had 12 minutes to complete the personal effort. Over 40 I believe that you were given 2 weeks leave to complete the BFT. In this day and age I do not believe that many youngsters would be able to complete it as running in boots is against their human rights and they might injure themselves and claim against the Army. But it used to be a good hangover cure.
  4. Up to age 29 11:30
    30+ 12:00
    35+ 12:30
    40+ ?

    Women u30 14:00 or a step test

    Mens times reduced by 1:00 overall when trainers worn instead of boots, about 1991.

    Bwfore this BFT used to be 2 mile warm up followed by one mile best effort, can't recall the timings though.
  5. Might has weel have been.

    One of my old O.C's used to do his over 40s BFT smoking his pipe on the way round.

    Give him his due he also used to get dressed up in his NINJA rig on exercise and belly crawl into the harbour areas "to test the sentrys"

    Good man.
  6. Worst BFT route of all time was in 28 Engr Regt (Hameln) when you had to run through town and in total you had to negotiate 29 right hand corners which slowed you right down. But when there was a BFT tickle test then we had to run next to the river Wasse which was a very straight route and the average time was 9 minutes with no failures. Bring back the BFT.
  7. The bit I am really interested in is the over 40s. Having recently acheived that milestone I thought I would go out and test myself in boots, and see if I could have been an LE in the 80s.....
  8. Almost there, if over 40 you used to have to wear a white vest instead of standard red and had something like 28 minutes to complete a 3 mile run/walk. You got to carry a packed lunch or some cigarettes with you too.

    Biscuits_AB should be able to confirm as he was over 40 back then!
  9. The last BFT I did was as a TA soldier as I was over 40, 42 in my case I was told by the instructor that as I was over 40 I could do the full three miles in twenty eight minutes, walking, running or crawling or do it as normal.

    I opted to do it as normal first bit squadded etc. I came in second did in just under 10 minutes, they were amazed that a bloke of my age could do it I told them that if I wasn't so tired I would have come in first.

    Did in boots & lightweights.

    Always used to amaze me when I was in the Regular Army, how us 'old uns' used to beat the young Bandsman & others I might add. When it came to the BFT.
  10. Fuck off dickhead.
  11. Come on Spaz, surely you did BFTs in boots?? We joined roughly the same time, and I did BFTs in boots and lightweights.
  12. I wasn't objecting to the idea of BFTs in boots, rather the idea that today's soldiers are not up to it.
  13. They can't. Back in my day it was 56 times as far, and we had a 3rd of the time to do it in. And we wore divers boots, and did it blindfolded.

    Just ignore the crustys on here. Bless 'em.

    They don't know what a real Op tour is ;)
  14. I remember those days well, after getting up before you went to bed you got a breakfast of two beans and a lick of a slice of bread before doing a pack lift on a series three Landrover, while your oppo was in the back changing the turret.

    These younguns don't know they are born.
  15. Born??!?! BORN?!?!? Back in my dad you died before you were born!! That's how tough we had it!