Old BCF vehicle fire extinguisher to give away.

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by jock788, Jun 21, 2013.

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  1. Hello All,
    I don't know if this is the right thread for this; if not please point me to the right one,

    Whilst furtling around in the attic I found an old BCF vehicle fire extinguisher (complete with mounting) that I've had from my de-mob in 1987... Ancients will remember them, the bottle type "Strike on a hard surface" one. Still holding its full charge, but a bit tatty.

    Anyhoo, free to a good home.

    Any suggestions as to who would find this useful?
  2. I am not sure but you may get into trouble either selling it, or giving it away.

    BCF (Bromochorodiflouromethane) is carcinogenic which is why they were withdrawn.

    Maybe best to contact the local fire brigade or council and ask for their advice on selling it or disposing of it
  3. They were very good for emergency dry-cleaning of No2 dress and getting stoned in the process ....allegedly
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  4. I don't think it's a carcinogen, but I do seem to remember that it wasn't supposed to be used in a confined area without breathing apparatus. It is one of the gases which came under the Montreal Protocol, and I think production has ceased, though existing stocks may be held and used (but only by those licensed to). I certainly wouldn't give it to the Fire Brigade or local council to dispose of.
  5. Instead of advertising old shite on the internet I usually put it in the bin.
  6. Still in service; MSM 4210-99-881-4724.

    Now subject to tighter supply controls and units must ensure these guidelines are followed with immediate effect.

    (As per the brief in KIT, Issue 84/2013 page 84). (Breach of Environmental Protection Act/Montreal Protocol).

    I would return it!!!!

    (I do read all the leaflets I picked up at The DVD 2013 Show).
  7. Have you got something in your mouth?
  8. AlienFTM

    AlienFTM LE Book Reviewer

    I've just had a flashback to Paderborn about 1979. We had Saracen ACVs and I was helping a mucker do some work or other in the back of Zero Charlie (actually I was just stood outside the back doors while Charlie's driver did some stuff, pretending to look busy and ready to gopher if necessary but really just enjoying the sun.

    Suddenly from inside.

    "Aaaaaaaaaaaaargh me eyes."
    A flurry of snow poooofs out the back door followed by Ski staggering out.

    He had removed the extinguisher, dropped it and it had gone off in his face. Few days in hospital and weeks of piss taking.
  9. [h=1]nobby hall the big o.d.[/h]nobby hall the big o.d.
    Cleaned his suit in c.t.c.
    Hung it in the mess to dry,
    his oppo's lay asleep nearby,
    and when the coxn's call was heard,
    there was one that never stirred,
    nobby wailed and wailed no-end,
    to think he'd killed his own best friend.

    so all you sailors, listen to me,
    if you clean you're suit in c.t.c.
    Always hang it in the open air,
    then your oppo's will still be there,
    better still, if you can,
    hang it by a wardroom fan.
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  10. Do not know about dry cleaning No2 dress but they were very good at chilling beer! I had my 21st on Ex Med Man in Canada it fell on the maintenance weekend out on the prairie as per Battery tradition the BC had a cake brought out plus a box of Labbatts blue and a BCF extinguisher which when let off through the box chilled the beer brilliantly and I did not have to share heaven in small doses.
  11. Ah Halon, best extinguisher you could get, almost instant knockdown, but banned as it allegedly melted penguins.
    Although I wonder how much pollution two tonnes of blazing car makes compared to a Kg of Halon.

    Still got a load of them, like f**k am I dumping a couple of Kg's of not overly effective aqueous foam or dry power into a bloody expensive classic car if the bugger goes up.

    It's illegal to flog them and you're supposed to hand them in for proper recycling.

    Chubb Fire Halon Extinguishers
  12. Yes, I can confirm that. I've got an old CTC extinguisher, the brass hand-pump type that you saw on 1960's buses. Used it for getting oil off light grey car carpets, worked very well.

    I think liver damage is the main problem from these fluorocarbons.

  13. FrosteeMARIA

    FrosteeMARIA LE Gallery Guru

  14. Health and Safety gone mad ?

    Have an American friend ( no shame he got me stuff from the US through their APO) . He is a collector of stuff, seems like any ******* stuff from stone tools , pictures of skulls, bits of old iron and any military WW II stuff from shell cases to well you name it and he has it . So he is PCS ing ( going back to the States) the movers come in to inspect his household goods.

    yes OK you can send grenades, shells, bullets, skulls, stuffed foxes and cats, what's this a roof mortar from a Churchill tank ? ok it's safe , what you say a dug up Scmisser MG , Ok.

    Then comes the rub. What is this?

    A WW II fire extinguisher .

    oh no more than my jobs worth to ship that, it might explode?
  15. Drivers_lag

    Drivers_lag On ROPs

    No, you shouldn't use it in a confined space. My bezzer and I decided to make the g10 storeman disappear in a puff of smoke one dull afternoon in Gutersloh.

    So we attacked him with one of those extinguishers. Nearly killed him, ourselves and fucked his uniform right up.

    Cost us two laps of the airfield.

    Jeff White Jeff White Albert Turner Jeff White.