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Old bases left to rot....


Book Reviewer
Last year I went to Bridgend. A guy pointed me toward the POW camp on the western outskirts. I think it was Model who ended up there after the war. It had been a US Army camp prior to D-Day. It took me about an hour to find in the undergrowth (Wor Lass, recovering from serious illness, got to sit in a folding chair for 1/2 hour when she wilted in the heat).

I eventually found a single remaining hut behind a seriously secure metal fence. Seemed the local yobs had found it and reduced it to rubble.

We gave up.

It's been discussed on ARRSE before but I am bollixed if I can remember ... got it, Island Farm.
AlienFTM said:
I think it was Model who ended up there after the war.
If you refer to Generalfeldmarschall Model of the German Army, then Im sure he blew his brains out after the Ruhr and Falaise pocket debacles. Couldn't really do much else after the way he victimised Paulus for not committing suicide at Stalingrad.

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