Old Barracks in Germany

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by 105AVRE, Apr 20, 2007.

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  1. Nice one 105AVRE
  2. Cheers 105AVRE,

    Brought back some old memories.

  3. The unfortunate thing is just where the Germans are marching on the square in Roberts Bks is where Dog Sqn boys used to take a dump on the way in off the p1ss to annoy the artillery RSM type bloke.
  4. Now that.....was emotional, thats the first time Id seen the munsterlager main drag since i left in 92, and yes i spooted a few of my favourite "beer dump" locations!!
  5. ....what a crackin link!

    I looked at Laarbruck, 30 years on, and all the buildings I either p*issed up or gipped up against are derelict..............F*ck me that Grolsch was good!

    Nice one 105AVRE
  6. Your picture on here looks like you are just about to gipp up again Sapper1743 !!!!!! :omfg:
  7. Monkey lager, great place, miss the "Model Village" :(
  8. 32's own precision panzer driving circuit.
  9. The one and only. :D
  10. had some good times in Minden both in Westminster then Clifton barracks, good sight and brought back some nice memories

  11. .........Hey Greenjacket

    I remember some good times you boys had in the emerald Isle in the mid 70's...........now there are some piccys that DONT need to come to light!

    All the best mate.
  12. Ive spent a lot of time over in Germany, mainly Osnabruck so it was nice to see some of the old camps even though most the pics are well before my time.

    Was at Osnabruck
    Roberts Bks 1988-1992
    Mercer Bks 1992-1996
    Belfast Bks 2001-2003

    And Sennelager
    Dempsey Bks 2000-2001

    I miss Germany now Im posted in the UK

    Any pictures of Vogelsang floating around?
  13. I was at Clifton barracks Minden 1976-80 just seen the pictures on the web site...bought a tear to the eye...how it as changed.

    Good pictures of Elizabeth Barracks & Westminster a lot of history in those old German barracks

    I'm are sad or what ?