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  1. Reading some of Mike Smith's blogs I spotted this article with it's comment about 3 c-130's in the 'Stan


    I wonder if anyone in MoD or 3 Para has heard of this trick the Rhodesian's had to resort to


    To wit. Contacts would be followed up and a Dakota used to drop "Fire Sticks" in front of or on the contact. A rather scary but ballsy idea. An old friend of mine from Leeds, now dead did have the delight of this job, managing 3 drops in one day.
  2. Pamwe Chete
    The Legend of the Selous Scouts
    Lt Col Ron Reid Daly

    A rattling good read - describes the use of the fire force concept in detail.
  3. Yup, the old Fireforce trick if I'm not mistaken. Along with the 'Para-Daks', I believe the Rhodesians also used Alouettes. It was a fairly straightforward tactic really - make contact with the 'terrs', drive them in a particular direction where Fireforce troops would be dropped on them. The South Africans used a variation of this in Namibia/SWA.
  4. <In "screeching with shock horror" mode>
    This is entrapment!
    <Liberal/Guardian/BBC mode off>

    Brilliant, it's been proved to work, it would save good lives and end bad ones, but sadly our very own Attorney General would have a field day. See you in court, counsellor.