Old army videos--3 rgj south armagh tour 91-92

Discussion in 'The Lamp and Sandbag II - The Tall Story Strikes B' started by rockape560, Jul 1, 2013.

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  1. I was out there the same time with 1 RGJ, as were 2 RGJ (Note use of capitals letters)
  2. repermand duly noted sir....hope i dont get a show parade
  3. Happy times. I was with 2 RGJ in Omagh. 1 RGJ were in Armagh I think. Only the second (and indeed final) time we had all 3 Bns in the province at the same time.
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  4. It was whilst in Armagh that 1RGJ recieved the news that they were being disbanded!
  5. It was whilst in Cyprus that 1 RGJ received the news they were a bunch of tour-guide-murdering *********.
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  6. one for the 1RGj guys

    tell it as it is and do a zulu warrior^^
    The Regiment 1st Battalion Royal Green Jackets. - YouTube
  7. **** me. That brought back some memories. Looking back, more happy times than shit times. Wish I'd done better.....
  8. 7:46......interesting stream crossing drills there.
  9. ruc helping for a change:winkrazz:
  10. Oh thats harsh...............

    ......but true!
  11. the ammount of times we stood in the rain getting soaked closeing roads at night with a ruc rover and occupants the other side of the road all closed down and the ruc lovely and dry inside made my blood boil at times,they might as well have not been there

    only ruc that i had time for was the dmsu,s
  12. That was the tour after our's, as they took over from us 2nd Bn Coldstream Guards or 2CG :)
  13. Best one if ever saw was a Vietnam film made to reassure the folks back home of the excellent medical treatment. It was graphic to day the least. Films of bits missing, burns, bullets in heads.

    So graphic in fact it was never shown to the folks back home, but turned into a training film. Not sure training what mind.

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  14. Basic training.

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