Old Army Be The Best Ad

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Scabster_Mooch, Feb 24, 2006.

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  1. Came across this army 'Be the Best' Ad online.


    Can anyone tell me if it is legit, as in was it ever shown on TV? Because it seems a tad...Un-Pc to me and I think it gives out the wrong message, or , at best, mixed messages. 8O
  2. along these lines I noticed the oldish marines ad is back on tv. The limits one. In my opinion one of the best adverts for the armed forces there has been, steely-eyed-dealers-of-death etc
  3. WAAAAH!

    Or there's someone on here way past their bed-time.
  4. feckin quality lol ;)
  5. Took my tired old PC a while to download...But it was worth it just because he took of his Sunglasses first!

    T C
  6. Took my new laptop ages to download too - it's not your PC's problem
  7. Sorry, Scabster_Mooch, I've just looked up where you are from, not a WAH after all.

    No, this is a spoof video. It's based on the format of a series of real ones where the soldier in charge has to make some difficult decisions under stress.
  8. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    Buggered if I can get the vid - anyone got a better link ?
  9. Don't know if you've used the site before, if not it's a complicated page. Near the top right of the page,there are three numbers. Type these into the adjacent box then click "Start download." After that, the instructions get easier. The download (10Mb) took me more than 5 minutes and, to be honest, it wasn't worth it.

    If you have used the site before, you're doing something wrong or you're just impatient. :)
  10. Haha..No..Not a Wah. I genuinely do not know. I was initially sure that this must be a spoof but the fact that the footage looked so old and the fact that there appears to be such a series of ads by Saatchi persuaded me that it might actually be one of those ads that never made it to tv because it is so shite.

  11. I can remember a class-ad from the 60's (I think), where a sweaty is giving recruit instructions in firing SLR. Recruit yanks trigger, so sweaty tells 'it's not a lavatory chain, SQUEEZE IT!!' Classic. Other bits were brill as well - such as 'Right Lads we're no going for a short nature ramble' as the PTI kicks tailgate down on Bedford. Bet it was really successful!
  12. I can't download files on this machine, but is it the one where the soldier removes his sunglasses in order to quell the angry native with nothing more than his steely Britishness?

    One of my all time favorites, with some wonderful parodies.
  13. Where's the advert with the two paras getting it on in the back of the landrover?

    /edit: just watched that ad, LMAO fcuking funny! he takes off his glasses, shoots the guy and legs it.

    Then it cuts to "Army"..."be the best"

    LMAO!!! classic!
  14. Have never been windsurfing on a tropical beach FRANK LIED