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Old armoured formations - Histories

Excuse the punt but I am reading The Generals by Robert Lyman; about the Burma and Malaya campaigns. He mentioned a number of (independent?) armoured Bdes. Do these formations have histories and does anyone maintain them (a la Regimental museums)? It would be a shame if no-one cared (but I suppose if the regiments cared then it would be something).

Thanks for any info.
7 Armd Bde was transferred from N Africa to Burma and took part in the retreat. When 14 Army went back in, it seems to have had 3 Indian Armoured Brigades under command.
For an overview, you could try to get Bryan Perrett's Tank Tracks to Rangoon. One of its regiments was 2 RTR and there are 20 pages of their story in the easier-to-find Battles With Panzers: Monty's Tank Battalions: 1 RTR & 2 RTR at War by Patrick Delaforce.
Check out the Tank Museum at Bovington. The library might have some stuff in their archives.

Alternatively check out their war diaries at The National Archives at Kew.
Thought I'd take the opportunity to post this on here.
27th.Arm.Bgd. worn by family member of 13/18th.Hussars on D.Day.
I'm afraid the gold seahorse and blue background have lost their colours over the years; pic below about actual size , but worth enlarging to see detail.


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