Old and Bold -Deighton's Game Set and Match

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Tremaine, Feb 23, 2011.

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  1. How many remember this trilogy from Deighton? IIRC the TV series came out whilst we were in Berlin around '89. A most timely event. The hard back books trilogy Game, Set, and Match (TV Series 1988) - IMDb, set in Berlin - London - Mexico is available online, for a steal, but I wonder whether there is a DVD box set somewhere.

    Apparently suffered low ratings at broadcast times but, surely, worthy of a chat among old duffers and cold war warriors.

    A DVD set is possibly difficult to get as Deighton allegedly didn't like the series. There was also "Winter" (the prequel) and Hook, Line and Sinker but none seemed to match G-S-M . In Quentin Tarantino's film Jackie Brown, Robert Forster's character, Max Cherry, can be seen with a copy of this novel. And in Arthur Penn’s film Target, Gene Hackman’s character, Walter Lloyd/Duncan (Duke) Potter, can be seen with a copy of this novel.


    "...readers should remember that the opinions expressed by the characters are not necessarily those of the author..."
  2. I heard a rumour that Quentin bought the movie rights to the book and is interested in filming - Could be interesting.

    Great books and cost around 50p in pretty much any charity shop ever.

    What are his other books like, I only read these three?
  3. The IPCRESS File is his most famous work. Hook, Line, and Sinker is another great Trilogy of his.
  4. Deighton's been a Cookery writer for the Observer, and Travel Guide writer, and namongst others; for Playboy. His books I found easy to read with informed insight, whereas Ludlum seemed heavy going. "Deighton's 1977 "Fighter: The True Story of the Battle of Britain" was said by Albert Speer (once Hitler's Minister of Armaments) to be "an excellent, most thorough examination. I read page after page with fascination". The piece was furnished with a comment by A. J. P. Taylor simply saying: "Brilliant analysis...". Wiki
  5. The other books apart from Berlin Game, Mexico Set and London Match were Spy Hook, Spy Line and Spy Sinker, Winter and Faith, Hope and Charity, 10 in all in that series. As I too was in Berlin around that time (85-87, a lot of the places mentioned in the first book were familiar to me.

    Not sure about the videos though.
  6. There's this and this DVDs of the Len Deighton trilogy seem very hard to get. Deighton allegedly prevented further TV airings and didn't allow video release in the UK.
  7. Bomber an excellent novel about a bombing raid over Germany during the Second World War.
  8. Agree one hundred per cent. The second best book he ever wrote. But if you really want a slice of alternative history to send shivers up your spine read "SS-GB". Britain occupied by German forces inn 1941 and a Scotland Yard Inspector investigating what seems an ordinary black market murder suddenly finds he's working for an SS investigator appointed by Himmler -- and also having an unexpected affair with a US journalist. The plotting is brilliant but the feel for the time and the place is sheer genius. In one scene the hero meets a huge drunken "Herbert" (German) on a landing in a London brothel. The soldier's sleeve has the combat clasp issued exclusively to the the units that landed on the first day of Case Sealion.

    "Take a good look at it, my friend. There aren't many of us left alive to show it off."
  9. SS-GB was the first Len Deighton book I ever read, and as the quote from the Sunday Telegraph says on the cover " A brilliant picture of Britain under German Rule"

    Other books of his that are worth a read are XPD and Goodbye Mickey Mouse.