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Afternoon all apologies if i'm on the wrong forum i'm new on here. Also i'm typing this on a mobile phone so if it comes out wrong thats why. I'm looking for some advice on how to pass my medical as i'm having a few problems. Basically back in november 2005 i had an allergic reaction to something i had eaten, possibly nuts. I was prescribed an epipen as a precaution but also an inhaler to help with breathing in case of another reaction occuring. I have not had a problem since, and was never sent for further tests to confirm my allergy was with nuts. The inhaler i was prescribed seems to be a problem because its so closely related to asthma. I have been to the doctors a few times and spoke to an ex army medical nurse, she is basically saying not to go for an allergy test and dont mention it at all as it might just open a minefield of problems. The problem i'l have then is explaining the inhaler. I was hoping not to lie or withhold any information but i consider myself fit and healthy,
failure to declare something (especially something documented like this will be) will result in a DOE (defect on enlistment) whereas declaring it properly, and possibly getting deferred while its sorted, is the best and honest way to proceed.
ub2008 said:
I wouldnt mention it. Just say you have an allergy if they ask, dont mention the inhaler or asthma.
Thanks for your opinions both. To be honest i know that i should declare everything and hope for the all clear but I'v been told by so many people that it will cause no end of problems and probably end up in a refusal, rightly or wrongly i'm startin to wonder if it would be easier to hold back certain info as my doctor is old school and seems more than willing to leave some details off the medical forms.
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Enough. Got a medical query? Stick it in the bloody sticky above. And less of the stupid bloody advice as well. FFS. :x
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