Old airguns

Discussion in 'Shooting, Hunting and Fishing' started by azimghur1990, Apr 21, 2012.

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  1. Hello.
    Does anyone know of a good place to try and sell my old air rifle online.
  2. Try Google
  3. Guntraders.

    There are also a few specialist collectors in 'Gun Mart' who might be interested in your old air gun - depending on what it is, of course.

  4. Prolly sold it to some scrote in a pub car park later that evening...isn't that what some of your police officers do these days?

    Seem to recall a bunch of 'em going down for doing this kind of thing with real bang/bullet-head/powder gun shooting things recently.


  5. AirgunBBS.com has a for sale section methinks.
  6. +1

    You'll need to make a few posts before the sales section becomes visible to you.
  7. What's the rifle just out of curiosity ?
  8. the rifle is an old mk1 bsa superstar, and has spring replaced with theoben gas strut
  9. cheers for all the replies.
  10. Airgunforum has a sale section and adverts are free to list
  11. Here's a tip, unless you have something relevant or interesting to post, don't bother. Thanks.
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  12. My mother, a Londoner, wouldn't give the police the time of day, they were so mistrusted in her day. She was convinced that anything one told them would be twisted in some way.

    I certainly wouldn't give them any kind of firearm. As a minimum, that gun will. be put into their statistics as a firearm that has been "recovered" by the police.
  13. Why do you think that is irrelevant? (and BTW, when did you become a moderator?)

    Someone handed a gun in to the police and tac pointed out that handed in weapons have been sold by corrupt police in the past.

    As you will see from my post, when it come to firearms, the police are not trusted by the shooting community. I think that is very relevant to this forum.