Old 1771s and travel expenses

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by ScotsmanRicky, May 13, 2007.

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  1. Just had the JPA training all day yesterday wasnt too bad as there was only 3 powerpoint related suicides. One of the sections that I did pay attention for was the expenses and how to claim the 1771's for milage when using your own car to travel when there is no transport, which in being a member of the reserve forces does happen. We went through the package and at the end we were reminded that you can only use your own car and be able to claim a 1771 (not sure what the new form is called) if you have occasional buisness use as part of you insurance which is fine as it was to ensure you were covered up to £10million incase of an accident while you were driving.

    Driving home I had a thought, since you get your travel paid for while driving to and from the TA center (Home-to-Duty) which I drive to, how come I dont require occasional buisness use to do that yet if I was to drive to a different location and then submit a 1771/claim then it wouldnt get paid as I dont have the occasional buisness use on my insurance.

    I.e one of our blokes stays half way between Edinburgh and Glasgow and parades in Edinburgh and gets his home to duty paid for the distance from his home that he drives. Yet if he was to travel the same distance but parade in Glasgow and submit a 1771 for that one of journey he wouldnt be able to claim.

    The obvious answer is to get the occasional buisness insurance but you can onnly get it with fully comp (It wasnt till I was over 21 that I got fully comp as its fecking expensive) and costs an extra £20-30 depending on company but if you only do 1 1771 a year then it may not be worth it.

    copied to TA forum.
  2. Normal comprehensive insurance would insure you for travel to 1 normal place of work - so that might cover you for your journey to the TA center (but might leave you in the cack if you crash on the way to the TAC when you normally use your car to drive to your day job).

    I know about the business insurance requirement for duty journeys in your own transport, but have never seen anyone give insurance details to be able to claim residence to place of duty.
  3. you answered the residence to place of duty Q? in your first paragraph, from home to duty, travelling to work and back, it the same thing. your inurance will cover you for social and travel to and from work, now if the army gives you money to help with fuel it is nothing to do with your insurance company, you are only travelling to and from work. it's when you use your car to do a duty journey which does not intail you travelling to or from work from your home. the Army has a big pool of cars use them and keep the miles down on your own car.
  4. so how about if you're attending a (civvie run) course in your own car? is there a need for 'business' insurance?
  5. Some info, just rang up Direct Line and they put Business mileage onto my policy for free and it covers up to £20,000,000. Makes a refreshing change when a big company being helpful.
  6. My last two units admin bods have asked to see proof of buissness insurance for any claims since this came out. I believe it is a must now if clerk doing his/her job properly.
  7. BP is right, most insurers will give this level of insurance for free or very little outlay making it worthwhile.

    For the rest - if you wish to claim you will need to retain proof of sufficient insurance cover for 2 years in case you are audited. Simple rules - follow them.

    Caveat - not everyone can get business insurance - I can't on my second car which is my main means of transport, but also happens to be an historic vehicle (36 years old). No one will give me business insurance, which means I still use it to travel when no military car avail, but find that I cannot claim because of the MOD rules even though my insurance company have assured me they would pay out in the types of circumstance where I regularly use my car - the only reason why MOD insist that you have the business insurance in the first place!
  8. If they can't provide transport then don't go. Why should you be out of pocket because the MOD cannot provide the means to travel. You can still get rail warrants for duty travel can you not?

    Or get an advance of travel expenses and claim back your taxi fare :p