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Old 10 and 4 Man Compo Rations


Why oh why is their a yearning for this stuff? Biscuits AB, processed cheese, bacon grills, brown tasteless stewed steak. Tiffin bars, that's all that was good.
Spread on the oatmeal blocks.

... or Hard Tack Biscuits in lieu of Bread .

ETA .... I think they developed my subsequent lifelong taste for Bath Oliver Biscuits with Cheese .
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Zero Alpha has found a series on Sky History or something called Eating History, in which they source food up to 100 years old (on one occasion tried a 150 year old cooking method on a moose nose) "so that we don't have to".

They just about manage to eat the US equivalent to Compo, from the 80s, as far back as the Second Unpleasantness. Only rarely does the on-site medic say no, and call in a decontamination team. But it almost never tastes as palatable as we remember.
Inspired by your post I am watching a few of these.
I think this one deserves attention and begs the question...why...just why? wrt the Campbells soupkl superfan!


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First world war poetry inspired by mud blood and trenches.
Second world war poetry inspired by.....

Hallo! ‘ere comes the blooming truck
Loaded up wiv lots o’ tuck
Wonder wot we've got today,
'Ope it's a change from yesterday.
Stewed steak we ‘ad the day before
Please Gord don't give us any more,
You and I know it's blooming good stuff
But when yer've ‘ad 'eaps it gets kinda tough
on Yer, when yer sleeps at nights;
O my Gord turn on them lights.
Stewed Steak, Stewed Steak! everywhere
Gordluvaduck anuver nightmare.
Now we look wiv anxious eyes'
Back to where that blooming truck lies
Nervous, biting fingernails
‘Ere it comes, go get it pals
Cautiousiy; open Compo lid
It ain't Stewed Steak-(bet half a quid)
Give me a cliff, I’ll dive over the edge
Mortar me quick its Meat and Veg!

Wilfred Owen eat yer heart out!

This is the work of an anonymous gunner from a detachment of M10 SP Anti tank guns of 62nd Anti tank Regiment somewhere in the Caen area in Summer 1944. It was originally published in John Hall's‘A Soldier Of The Second World War’ but you can find it in Gunners in Normandy, (Townend and Baldwin) published by the History Press
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One of my offspring is in the forces and often brings home the latest 24 hour compo for me to eat because I'm a fat bastard.

It comes in a light brown plastic bag now and contains all manner of tasty goodies.

I'm not a vegetarian but the vegetarian boil in the bag breakfast is superb

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