Olay..Fess Up.. Which One of You Sent him The Toy??

Fell off my chair at breakfast over this one..

Seems an Oklahoma judge had ro resign from serving on the bench because je was 'distracted' by happenings beneath his robes.

One of his ' hunting buddies ' gave him a gag gift, he claims.. a Penis Pump..

well, one thing led to another and it seems the Justice of the Law when bored with proceedings would hook up the little sucker and have a go..

masturbated his way through a big business tussle, a murder trial and a host of other cases,..according to testimony from court officials the sound of the pump whooshing under the bench was audible to many in the court [ it was picked up by court recording devices ]..Nothing wasxsaid for some time for fear of reprisals.. some court clerks had been fired for suggesting things weren't quite right...

naturally, appeals are in the works for improprieties.. etc. etc...

The judge, a ' mature ' father of three grown children, is disturbed that the issue has arisen as he felt his resignation would have resolved the issue...

So..Corp/ ctauch/ which one of you did this?..
At least he wasn't caught with it on while driving drunk, speeding through a shool zone.

Oh those Judges :lol:

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