Oktoberfest Ideas

Discussion in 'Seniors' started by Moon_Monkey_Spunk, Aug 31, 2006.

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  1. Arrse Mess members,
    Usual stuff I'm the PEC in my Mess and organising this years Oktoberfest, last years was a bit sh*t, anyone got any good ideas/contacts in Germany?

  2. Holzhackers contest (sawing through logs) - excellent fun
  3. Take a Rugby Team and enter the Munich 7's , good fun and not a hard comp but good diversion for the event. Top tip is that as it is sport you might even get funded - what could be better.

    Contacts at:

    München RFC
    Helmut Kraiger
    Karl-Theodorstr. 22
    85757 Karlsfeld
    08131 591880
    08131 5173123
    08131 5173800
  4. Try and get a Tornado SMS course at Base 10 Computing Systems, Eching. It worked for me £1500 cash in hand for accomodation and free entry to the fest. Happy Days :D :D
  5. Thanks for the advice chaps, I might of confused the issues, I'm stationed in Germany and the Function will be in the mess, looking for umpa bands/games/traditions ect.

  6. don some leather shorts then all drink flat lager till you puke. Et voila... Munchen in a nutshell!!

    Oh, you also could play chitty bang bang for background music/effect!
  7. Get minging, start your own political party, then invade Poland.