Okey Doke... wearing Mess Kit to a civvie ball...

Discussion in 'Seniors' started by Bravo_Bravo, Nov 30, 2008.

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  1. Whats the bobby with this? We have to pay for Mess Kit, so its not issue. Is there anything in the dress regs etc that syas - NO?

    Looks UP...
  2. Don't know. Civvy ball as in Civil Servants/MoD etc. or civvy ball outside of the system in which case it's walting IMHO. Same with weddings. Sorry but I've always thought wearing Mess Dress at weddings etc. makes one look foolish.
  3. Its outside of the system, mate. Goig to a ball soon; went to the same do last year and saw some bloke in mess dress but, strangely without rank or medals. I asked him "which mob?" and he looked bemused - turns out his pal was Black Watch and he'd just borrowed the kit. I walked away at that point...

    I'm entitled to wear Mess Dress; if it increases my chances of getting my end away...
  4. I've done it. Black tie do. Nothing too formal, just a large group of friends really.

    Asked the express permission of the organiser (who was a friend anyway).

    Looks from Civvies at my rank and miniatures made it worthwhile, and pulled quite easy too :)

    I bet you still wear a ski jacket over your uniform when you get in your car.
  5. Whilst I was a barman this was brought up at the Sgt mess in Gutersloh when mess members wanted to wear their mess dress down to Sammy's as they paid for it they should be allowed to do as they wish with it.
    The RSM replied that OFFICIALLY there was nothing he could do.
    Everyone lost their bottle at that point.
  6. I'm entitled to wear Mess Dress; if it increases my chances of getting my end away...

    Go for it, sounds like you need all the help you can get(dress-messer)
    If you do pull, keep you gob shut otherwise it will spoil the illusion for your victim.
  7. You paid for the mess dress (and if like mine it was not cheap) so you could wear it to go to Tesco if you so desired.
  8. Wore mine to a Mess function then went out on the town in it. No dramas, it is not issued uniform. Had a great night and pulled too :D

    Also have worn it to a civy black tie dinner as I am too cheap to hire a tux :lol:
  9. General Melchett

    General Melchett LE Moderator

    I suppose it may fall in line with the new dress policy in public ie wear uniform as much as possible in accordance with local security so long as you're not drinking, smoking, stood about with your hands in your pockets, in clip order (it didn't actually mention mess kit).

    So if I were you I'd go for it. You will pull like ten men. Full photo report required post function please.
  10. Your Red Threads are a proper pattern of uniform dress. No 10 Dress I think but am prepared to be corrected.

    So as the godd General Melchett says you could wear them but wouldn't be able to have a drink etc. But if you really want to define yourself by wearing military rig to a civvie function...... :roll:
  11. How about wearing minitures on a tux? Is that walting? Someone suggested that I should but im a bit weary of looking a tw*t in the opinion of others.

  12. What planet have you come from?
  13. Type of thing that our old mucker Jimbo would do, utterly waltish.
  14. I wore mine to a civvy function and out of habit, wrote to the CO for permission. He didn't think it was absolutely necessary but was chuffed that I asked.
  15. It's not walting if you've earned them. Depends on the occasion IMHO. A mess function as a guest or an RBL type function would make sense. Going as 007 to a fancy dress do does seem a little chad.