Okehampton camp

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by semper, Sep 3, 2005.

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  1. anybody been to Okehampton camp ? whats it like any good or crap ? anything of interest to see outside of camp during off duty hours ?

  2. I'll give you a tip-don't go. Its crap, and so is Okehampton itself....There isn't anything to do there. Trust me on this!
  3. Believe him- please!!!!!!
  4. That Place is worse than Garelochead, What a S&^t Hole, and the Towns full of scrumpy drinking, banjo playing, 12 fingered Locals.
  5. Nightlife has grown a little better since the '80s. The climb back up the hill tho remains the same.
  6. Okehampton? .... worse than a overflowing, left behind 'Blue Tardis' on Soltau Training Ground after 6 months in the sun......

    However, for a watering hole try the 'Plume & Feathers at Princetown, reasonable ale, not many grockles and a fair scoff sheet to boot. Sunday lunch time used to be totally manic.... with near on a hundred bodies plus a live band cramed into a pub not much bigger than 3 corrimecs bolted together
  7. Blimey, it would seem not many people want to take the trip down the hill and discover what is around them.
    Direct from the horses mouth at http://www.okehampton.gov.uk/ ;

    Okehampton is an ideal centre for exploring Dartmoor, Devon and Cornwall. The town provides a wide range of facilities in an historic setting, and is conveniently located for access to the beaches, coves and resorts of both north and south coasts. The vast moorland expanse of Dartmoor, with its rugged tors, fast flowing streams and unspoilt villages lies just south of the town. To the north is rural Devon, with Exmoor beyond. The town is linked by rail to Exeter, and by road to Exeter and the M5 via the A30 trunk road.

    A wide range of sports facilities (incl. putting, bowling, tennis, squash, etc.) are available in Simmons Park, Mill Road, Okehampton.

    Riding horseback is the ideal way to explore Dartmoor and there are several riding stables to cater for you.

    The area offers world famous fishing rivers, coarse fishing establishments and secluded reservoirs (Meldon, Fernworthy and Roadford - see South West Water leaflet).

    Ashbury Golf Courses (4 miles west of Okehampton) 3x18 hole courses.

    On Your Bike! The area offers both challenging and gentle cycling opportunities along country lanes and cycle trails. Abbeyford Woods offers a 3 mile off-road, circular route through Forestry Commission land and the Sticklepath and Okehampton Cycle Route takes you on a 30 mile circular route on quiet roads via Hatherleigh and several small villages. This also links with the Tarka Trail Way and Holsworthy to Black Torrington Route (25 miles).

    Okehampton is becoming known as THE Walking Centre of Devon with walks programmes for the whole season.

    Farmers Market, every 3rd Saturday each month, Charter Hall, Okehampton.

    Monthly Craft Fair in the Charter Hall.

    General Market every Wednesday to Saturday in the new Market Hall, Okehampton

    Higher Cadham Farm, Jacobstowe, Nr Okehampton 01837 851647.
    Cream teas and light snacks available 3 -4.30pm. Beautiful walks in tranquil fields & woods - part of the Tarka Trail. A wildlife activity trail for all.

    Okehampton Station and The Dartmoor Railway
    Okehampton Station Tel 01837 55637
    Trains to Meldon Viaduct and the National Cycle route throughout the year.

    Museum of Dartmoor Life
    West Street, Okehampton Tel 01837 52295
    Explore Dartmoor's unique Heritage and hear the people's story in this lively, award winning museum, where you can also enjoy exhibitions of local arts, crafts and history and the interactive 'Wheels of Discovery'.

    Okehampton Castle
    Half a mile South West of the Town Centre.
    Established by the Normans as the seat of the first sheriff of Devon. It was largely rebuilt in the 14th century as a lavish country home of the Courtenays, Earls of Devon. Today, the remains of the largest castle in Devon, with its gravity defying Keep stands in a beautiful woodland setting.

    More importantly;

    Pubs & Inns

    The Bottleneck Inn
    Sourton Down, Okehampton
    Tel: 01837 861349
    Spacious, friendly family inn. Traditional meals plus extensive steak menu and Sunday roast. Music & entertainment. Open all day, all year. Accommodation

    Plume of Feathers
    Tel: 01837 52815
    18th century Coaching Inn. Traditional home cooked bar meals. Pizza. Sunday lunch carvery. Open all year.

    Plymouth Inn
    Tel: 01837 53633
    Good value bar snacks & full restaurant menu. Takeaway pizzas. sunday roast. Sheltered garden, family room. Renowned for our real ales.

    The Tors Hotel
    Belstone, Near Okehamton
    Tel: 01837 840689
    Situated right on Dartmoor. Home cooked meals. Sunday roast. Lunchtime and evening menu. Real ales, over 30 malt whiskies.

    And for the trek up the hill, as you see the lights of the duty transport disappear upwards into the misty night;

    Take Away

    J & B's Fish Bar and Restaurant
    1 Kempley Road, Okehampton
    Tel: 01837 52503
    A traditional take-away fish and chip shop or eat in our restaurant. Open Monday to Saturday noon - 2pm. Evening 5 - 8pm.

    Wong's Fish Bar
    East Street, Okehampton
    Tel: 01837 52518
    Chinese takeaway and fish and chips
    Open Monday - Thursday evenings, 5 - 11pm, Tuesday - Saturday lunchtimes, noon - 2pm. Friday and Saturday open until 11.30pm.

    The Ganges Indian Takeaway
    19 East Street, Okehampton
    Taste of quality Indian food
    open 7 days a week, 5pm - 11.30pm

    Semper, have a good time, its all there, !

  8. Snapper, not many grockles in the Plume!!!!
    You must be having a laugh!

    Totally agree though with the comment on the ale, fodder and hospitality.
  9. 'Riding horseback is the ideal way to explore Dartmoor and there are several riding stables to cater for you'
    Next time I'm there pissed soaking wet through/cold/hungry/knackered it will beckon!
  10. SilsoeSid, yeah well it was a few years ago matey.... like er 1980!!! (ish)... :oops: ferkin grockles are everywhere now, like the bloody shithawks 8O But at least the shithawks are locals so they gets a higher rung up the social ladder loike :wink:

    Anyway the grockles always used to venture up the moors on a Tuesday... Sun & Mon on the beach gettin shat on by the shithawks :lol: then off to the moors Tues/Wed and block the roads with the caravans....

    Great fun was had back in the 'bay' with lost grockels and their caravans, funny how most directions to the campsites always ended up at the coastguard station top of the cliffs outside of Brixham 8O ..... not withstanding the 3 mile long narrow lane with no passing points and a real tight turnaround when ya got there :lol:
  11. Technically true - but I think you'll find that any passenger trains to/from Exeter only run on Sundays, and that the Dartmoor Railway is a "heritage" line only running weekends and Tuesdays. Thank God for the Green Fleet.
  12. thanks all, its not too bad as i thought, the best camp i have been to was Barrybudden especially since thye have improved it, also just come back from Knook camp which to be honest is a bit bland, we weren't too far from New Zealand camp where they filmed Lads Army.

    seems Okehampton more interesting during off duty hours than i expected :)

    the distance from the Camp to the Town seemed to be 2 Miles
  13. When you walk back up the hill it won't seem 2 miles!

  14. Maybe that is because even from the crossroads in the centre of town......it isn't !
  15. I know that.
    Couple of paces over 1.5miles ?