OKCupid! The Queens English Test

lawstudent said:
take the test to see you can spell properly


Though not everybody is aware of the fact nowadays, the English language actually originated in England. Following its historical formation, it has been exported to various continents across the globe, notably North America, where it has since morphed into a new, distinct dialect with its own peculiar spelling and idiosyncratic grammar. This test will determine whether your English is as good as the Queen's, or as poor as Dubya's.
YOU - have got an absolute nerve posting this you fcucking moron - you are one of the most iliterate on here!!
I scored 94%. The test does not however inform me which question or questions I answered incorrectly.
96%. I want to know which one I got wrong! But then I married a spam so have an excuse for any spam pollution of the Queen's English.
76%. Hoots Mon that was poor!!

Not sure what some of the questions had to do with English, though.


Book Reviewer
92% after 6 cans of wifebeater and a bottle of a very nice Malbec.

Obviously not trying, actually not terribly arrsed.
96%- "A True Brit"

However,I took another test....................and this was the result:

The False Prophet
You scored 37% Pride, 55% Envy, 75% Ambition, and 62% Deceitfulness!
You are the False Prophet, a member of the unholy trinity along with The Antichrist and Satan. In the Bible, you are described as having two horns like a lamb, but speaking as a dragon. Essentially, this means that you are a master of deception. If only the people of the Earth knew better than to put their trust in you. You have the power to work miracles, including the ability to make fire rain down from heaven. Your primary goal on Earth is to force all people to worship the Antichrist. You are a very ambitious person, so you will carry out this task with a great zeal. After you’re finished, people will not only worship the antichrist, but they will worship his image as well. That’s impressive! In spite of your ambition, you know your role and are happy to serve under the Antichrist. This is because you are a humble person and don’t mind sharing the spotlight with others. You are also a rather cruel person, so your goals line up quite well with the sinister plans of The Antichrist. No doubt, this is another reason why you won’t mind serving the him. You can both realize your evil dreams together. The picture shows you being cast into the lake of fire with the Antichrist.

If you liked my test, send it to your friends!
The Which Biblical Villain Are You Test

They know me better than I know myself :twisted:
lawstudent said:
this is my result

The Cosmopolitan
Great Britain salutes you for scoring a staggering 72%
You have a good appreciation for what counts as real English and what does not - but you still slip up from time to time. You may not be word perfect when it comes to spelling and grammar, but at least you don't go weak-kneed at the very thought of using an "S" instead of a "Z". Your grasp of the Queen's English is certainly sufficient for you to get by in England, but don't aim for a job at Buckingham Palace just yet.
72%?!?!? that's disgusting for a law student. Who are yo hoping to be, Lionel Hutz??

And have you noticed how law student nver ansers any of her posts
Dextrose. Lay off my f uck buddy.
The Serpent
You scored 42% Pride, 40% Envy, 32% Ambition, and 55% Deceitfulness!
You are the serpent. You decieved Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden and were later cursed by God. Of course, Satan was just using you as a pawn. In fact, you probably didn't know any better. After all, you were just a humble animal, content to live the lazy/non-glorified life that animals live. You probably just wanted to have a family and be a fine/upstanding snake in your community, but Satan knew that you had a trait that he could use. That is the trait of deceitfulness. Unfortunately, he managed to use you, and we all know the rest.

Wow that test is accurate!!

Although the last time i was likened to a snake was when mrs thebull140 last saw my shlong in her bedroom!! :D
"Great Britain salutes you for scoring a staggering 98%."

Hmmm. Considering I'm about as English as Pancho Villa, you gotta wonder about the test parameters...

The Demon (42% Pride, 62% Envy, 47% Ambition, and 62% Deceitfulness): You are an excellent foot soldier for Satan, as you are humble enough to take orders graciously and you are not driven enough to try to rise up the unholy hierarchy and usurp Satan’s authority. In fact, being the minion of an evil entity is probably the best job for you. This is because you get that joy in your heart when other people suffer, especially people who you don’t like.

And it used to worry me that I was finding joy in the wrong places...turns out it's because I'm the bureaucrat from hell. :twisted:

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