Okay.. Sort of a Walt question...

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Rocketeer, May 8, 2005.

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  1. Here is l'il ol' Canuckistan we got our version of the black suited ninja gung ho soldiers, the JTF2 [ BTW no one ever seems to ask what happened to JTF1]..

    these badasses are supposed to be the best at stomping terrorists and for going into other people's countries and noing the nasty [ worked well in Afghanistan apparently ]..

    anyway my Walt question is.. you Brits got the SAS and the SBS - why two different bunch doing the same thing and who decides if a mission warrants one or the other or is this just inter-service rivalry like in America with the Seals and all the other coloured beret bunch...???
  2. They both do very different jobs, mate. The clue is in the titles.

    Special Boat Service - Rock up from the wet stuff, kick sh!t and look well ally, before heading back for wets and gongs.

    Special Air Service - Parachute in from above, kick sh!t and look well ally, before heading back for brews and medals.

    Of course, rumour has it that the devious ones have found all sorts of other means of insertion, but that's what happens when you get a bunch of top quality soldiers and actually give them the freedom and the funding to come up with the concepts by themselves, with minimal input by faceless staff officers. (I haven't got a particular axe to grind, honest guv.)

    As for taskings, it logically follows that you use the right tool for the right job. I wouldn't ask a plumber to fix my roof, or a builder to fix my boiler. But if it was a big job, they might both be involved.

    Rivalry is normal between highly professional and fiercely loyal units, but I would hate to think that it has any significant impact on operational taskings. Do you have a real problem with that in the US, Rocketeer?
  3. Just out of interest bits,

    What do BOAT TROOP do? Parachute in from above with a boat in their bergan?

    Isn't one group NAVY and the other group ARMY? I wouldn't know with me just being a medic type.
  4. J_D

    J_D LE

    SBS is more sneaky I think than SAS. But wouldn't know.

    We had a few SBS on board on way to gulf a while back. Never told us their names and bugger knows where they were sleeping on board ship.

    We looked high and low!

    As quick as they came on board they left quicker.

    Way too wierd for me!
  5. Both SBS and SAS have very nice lads in them and are not a great deal of trouble to nurse at all compared to others :wink:

    ...but that's just speaking from my personal experience :D
  6. Kind of figured the basics from the names SAS jump from above - obviously for ' deep insert 'type operations.. but wondered about SBS.. if they're only used when ' amphib' or coastal stuff comes up it seems kind of limiting and, in these perilous times of cutbacks and ' redundancy eliminations' got me to thinking that ' one black ops ' group would look good in the budget rather than two.. curious that's all..

    As for the US.. they got to do all this stuff bigger, better and badder than everyone else just ' cause.. Navy Seals, for ' small ops ' then Delta Force for the next step up and Rangers and what not.. every one of this " Special Forces " seems to have its ' niche' depending on type of job and numbers needed and who gets to pull the strings at the Pentagon , methinks..

    Since in Canada we can't afford combat paperclips to hold our subs together, we got to make do with one bunch of pyjama boys [ a single multi-service + mounties team ], but they're no less a gruff bunch as the rest of ' elite ' types [ at least the ones I met on an Ex where I got to be a 'victim' in a plane hijacking simulation ] and can hold their own in the ' international theatre ' as I heard they kicked butt at one of the last ' invitiationals' in Europe for Special Ops teams in Germany...
  7. J_D

    J_D LE

    SBS op on land too. They are just an extention of SAS with the water bit.

    Apparently training is harder but like I said I would not know.

    Worked with SBS a few times. Good lads.
  8. Rocketeer

    Seems like I heard that the 'JTF1' disbanded after they got their kit nipped from the back of their SUV.
  9. Weather:

    I think you've got the story mixed up with the Canadian counterspy unit team from CSIS who left their top secret file loaded laptop in the back seat of their VW and had it lifted by a couple of punk teens out for a joyride...
  10. so shut the fuck up you stupid bint

    why is it that every single post of yours has me reaching for the petition of "euthanasia for annoying gwa fatty mingers"?
  11. SAS and SBS have obviously different origins and services. However under DSF the distinctions are blurring. SBS still lead on wet ops but far smaller outfit. Most ops now have personnel from both units, either on individual exchange/augmentation or reinforcing. This info gleaned from open source material - so may be b0llocks, but it would seem pretty credible. Both outfits open to any service, with similar selection requirements.

  12. as already pointed out by pensionpointer, they complement each other on ops nowadays - i.e. boat troop might employ sbs... Whatever it takes is the word, i guess.

    i am sure a couple of sbs lads got dressed up and sauntered into the ba'ath party hq in Basra, had a chinwag and LTD the place. Loopy bastards.
  13. From what one has been told that comparison can only really be made between the respective reg and reserve units. SAS reserve apparently complete a shorter march across brecon or wherever compared to the reg troops-rest of selection is appartently identical. SBS reserve complete identical selection to their reg counterparts.

    Of course not having been through it myself it might just be a load of bull excrement.
  14. (1) Mince about in rubber suits
    (2)Thieve anything from the sea bed that is valuable and not nailed down.
  15. SBS is about a third of the size of the SAS. Don't forget they have just introduced the 3rd publically known special ops regiment, the SRR (Special Reconnaissance Regiment), absorbing 14th int company to release SBS and SAS guys, so they can concentrate on the 'hard end' stuff'.

    All three have evolved from the same thing, just fufilling different jobs. All work in support of each other and generally do the job bloody well. SAS is more well known thanks to the Iranian Embassy Incedent.