okay lads your POV required!!!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by weelassie, Nov 15, 2009.

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  1. hi,

    okay, so i need some advice .... ive already asked the ladies on rear party and wondered if the men have an opinion lol which im sure you will having read some of the other forum posts!

    i started chatting to an army boy online when he was serving in afghanistan. we got on really really well and planned to meet when he got home for R&Rin july. unfortunately we never met and he later told me he had emotional & mental problems coming home and couldnt face seeing anyone & didnt want me to meet him when he was like that (he got into a bit of police trouble too, so he told me). he said he hadnt contacted me cos he felt so bad about letting me down.

    we starting chatting again, msning a lot whenever he could, which was sometimes every night, sometimes weeks apart, plus he called me from over there too, i did send a couple of undie pics to him (!) & our chat got racy at times (!!!) but it was all good fun, and we told each other a lot of normal stuff too, plus he told me about some of the things he'd been through out there, so it wasnt all smut ....

    basically i fell for him big time. and he said he did too, in fact he was the one to say it first. we totally clicked, & we talked a lot about meeting.

    he got home a couple of weeks ago and i haven't heard from him. i havent got a number or address for him, just his email - it never seemed important to get the info when he was out there. we didnt get to talk for about a month before he came home either so it never came up.

    but now he's home and hasnt contacted me, im heartbroken. we were chatting for 6 months!!! i dont know whether maybe he has a girlf, and would that be the kind of thing army boys would do? or is it possible he really is having a hard time re-adjusting? or was i being played for pics and just a bit of fun for him!? ive never met a soldier before so i just dont know ....
  2. Yawn
  3. You can chat with me if you like, I'm really nice and I won't ignore you.
  4. He's probably married, and your photos are on a pig board somewhere. Fancy a rebound nailing?
  5. bollocks

  6. whats a pig board? please dont tell me thats something all the soldiers would see?????!!!!!!!

    im guessing i got properly played then?
  7. Well and truly love... well and truly...there are some right barstewards out there.. anyways.. about Smudge67's proposal.. fancy a 3 up spit roast on that offer ???
  8. not neccessarily (or however the hell you spell that)...... but yeah, chances are you got played. Unlucky!

    Feel free to stick the pics up here though, just so we can see what he's missing out on :twisted:
  9. a pig board does exactly what it say on the tin
  10. why would a minger send a pic of herself in her undies!?! are these boards really real!?! does that mean heaps of lads would have seen my naughty pics then? SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    and no thanks for the spit roasting! im sure i had this converstion with that soldierboy online - you must all be the same haha ;)

  11. Or an airtight group perpetrator session?
  12. I've never seen one of these boards so no you're probably not on one somewhere. And no, 'we' are not all the same, but most of us are!
  13. I'm happy to prove you wrong and show how we're not all the same. I can see to you all by myself if you want, sod sharing.
  14. [​IMG]

    "Life of Brian" comes to mind. :wink:

    "Biggus Dickus"
  15. thanks for a real answer and phew im glad there's no such thing as a "pig board" - and thats just mean!!

    ye i have heard those kind of requests before from dirty soldiers but glad to hear you are not all the same ;) was thinking about moving on to "normal" guys but there's hope yet for men in uniform then haha!!! "sod sharing" like that lol ;)