Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Grimly_Fiendish, May 24, 2006.

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  1. Can keep his homes, even though, they are paid for by the taxpayer and he has not really got a job within Her Majesty's Government. Why cannot, I, get Services Families Accommodation for Mrs GF, GF Jnr and self in the area that I am likely to get employment? JSP 464 states that "Retiring or redundant servicemen/women can be eligible for surplus quarters to transit to civilian life (get a job, find a house etc). I chose to stay in Deutschland for my last 6 months due to a false promise of a job within HM Forces. Apparently all Surplus Quarters are taken up by Same Sex Couples, Single Parents, Somalian Rapists and Afghani Hijackers. Where do I stand as a serviceman, mitt Familie, returning to the Father(Mother)land?

    GF :?
  2. Either write to the Prime Minister and outline your views, or write to someone like Andrew Gilligan at the Evening Standard as he is pro-miitary. That should act like an enema as shift some sh*t, hopefully the fat useless slug-type
  3. Pretend you are Pauline Prescott's other long lost son - the one who didn't grow up to become a Colonel in the RMP and a Tory voter.... :cool:

    Same problem has been going for years - I even got a posting order from APC saying 'go home to Scotland' etc sending me to nearest TA unit and a week before the move they scrubbed it saying there were no quarters even though there are 150 EMPTY RAF quarters up here!

    Whereabouts in Germany? There are spare houses in Fally just now apparently as lots of the pads from 4 SCOTS are moving but be quick because there will be some pads from 1 SCOTS in the group of 60 odd posted to the AIMI in August.
  4. If you are looking for a place in the UK, ring up the DHE in the area you want to settle. If they cannot help you, get a letter from them stating that there is no accomodation available, send this along with a letter from your unit confirming that you have been in the Army for ex number of years and as such have been paying rent and council tax and you will be offered a council house as if you had been in a council house since you joined the Army. If it is a nice one then you could buy it under the buy to let scheme, then wait the minimum time, sell it at a profit and move on to something bigger and better.

  5. Not strictly true I'm afraid check out this thread.