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We are looking to run a story in this Sunday's newspaper based upon storiesof soldiers who are currently out in, or have recently returned from, Iraq/Afghanistan and how they are looking forward to getting back at Christmas, how they feel about the way that the conflict is heading and the increasing reports of a planned withdrawal next year - that kind of thing.

I am an assistant producer at Ricochet, one of Britain's leading
independent television production companies producing high quality factual and entertainment programmes for broadcast by major networks in both the UK and US. I am currently working on a programme called My Crazy Life.

My Crazy Life is a series of documentaries made for Channel 4's
education strand. It is in its second series and is aired during the
daytime on Channel 4.

This series will consist of 5 films each of them about a different teenager or teenager’s lives. They will be personal and intimate and will engage with an individual’s journey.

The successful first series explored a varied subject matter
including youth offending "The Trouble with Charlotte", a teenage
cancer patient "My Cancer" and child refugees approaching their 18th birthday "Many Happy Returns".

The power in all of these films is the strong sense that the teenagers being filmed were informing us about their experiences, their ideas and their life, giving them an often rare chance to have a voice that is heard.

For the second series we are again keen to make films that deal with big issues and tell strong personal stories.

The aim of the documentaries is to gain an understanding about the diversity of British young people and to learn something from the journeys these individuals are on.

I am looking for stories that are inspiring or surprising and far from reinforcing stereotypes challenge them.

I would really like to make one of the films in this series about
the War in Iraq. I think it could be a very powerful and important
documentary that will be seen by a large teenage audience.

Because the focus of these films is about teenagers I would like to speak to any families with teenagers who have been affected by the war, either themselves directly or through a sibling or parents involvement.

If you feel able to talk about your experiences I think it will be an
invaluable part of the series.

By speaking to me you are not committing to being involved in the programme, even if you just want to find out some more information feel free to give me a call for a chat.

Ricochet has extensive experience of producing documentaries that
deal with sensitive issues and aside from the first series of My
Cray Life in the past have made programmes about adoption:

‘Wanted: New Mum and Dad’ (following 7 children waiting for new parents, told from the children’s perspective) and disability: ‘Born to be Different’ (following 6 families who give birth to children with a disability.

Filming will take place over a 3 week period (not every day) between January and March 2007. I am available to talk about the project in more detail Monday - Friday 0930 - 1830:
In common with other RFI from the Media, we prefer those concerned to come forward and ask us first.

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