OK you have just taken delivery of a brand new Terminator.

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by EAGLE1, Jan 1, 2007.

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  1. It's sitting in your shed, sparkling and brand new, you pull off the packaging and flick the on switch.
    It's eyes light up it does it's online system checks all's well, then it's first words are "what are my orders".

    what would you program it to do.

    This would be my priority list of orders.

    1. Find my abuser and tear off his testicles and penis. Then make him eat them.

    2. Find my ex-wife and smack her one in the mouth not to hard-just enough to break a couple of teeth. Tell her who sent you. Tell her if she stops me seeing the kids again you will go back and fck her arrse using her solicitors arm until her arrse bleeds.

    3. Go to number ten and find Blair push his head up his own arrse and roll him to the nearest cliff. Ask him if hes going to pull the troops out of Iraq and stop causing wars. If he gives any sign of spin throw the fucker off the edge.

    4. Go find bin laden and take the fcker to bush. Stand there and let the fckers fight to the death.

    5. Round up all of the politicians who sent us to war in Iraq and put them on a plane make sure they all end up naked on the streets of Iraq. Don't let the fckers die just bring them home after a week and then I'm sure they will make the right choices for Britain when they come home.

    Then go and find out the truth as to why 911 ever happened in the first place. Then take the evidence and make every paper print it for the people to read.

    Then come home shut down and wait because there's bound to be more shiit to come as always. Then when it does I'm sending you out again. Cool.
  2. 1. Kill the human "K-Fed"

    2. Find a female sexbot from skynet. Preferably an asian one.

    3. Find and kill Bin Laden

    4. Destroy major media networks, a list will be in a briefcase in a subway in Rhode Island.

    5. Help OJ Simpson find the real killer
  3. Does this come with batteries?

    £70 for a dolls fu@king house but no "C" cells!

    1. chavs
    2. A-Z list celebs
    3 remove any politician that does not agree to LISTEN
    4 Disasemble the dangerous walts SLOWLY. Especialy the nazi ones..WTF
    5 Give it a B&Q card and point it at the channel tunnel with the comand "SEAL IT UP"
  4. What's wrong with A listers too?
  5. Edited :salut: