OK, who's out on Herrick now which the Sausage fingers?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Fat_Cav, Jan 26, 2011.

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  1. It looks as if someone from 2PARA might have made called the wrong person to propose to his girlfriend.

    I assume 2 PARA because he mentions a mate recently blown up.

    Any ARRSEr's out there on Herrick would like to enlighten Sam's boyfriend?

    Soldier leaves an emotional proposal for girlfriend – on wrong girl’s answerphone | The Sun |News

  2. Seen it this morning on Shitbreak whilst trying to drag my lazy arrse out of my scratcher. Mrs htb thought it was lovely...............
  3. That's the sort of soft-hearted nonsense that Fally is famous for!
  4. 'OK, who's out on Herrick now which the Sausage fingers?'

    Sure it's not you!

    Whoever he is, lets hope he gets back OK and she says yes.
  5. ******* get your head down. I'm using my 30 mins a week out here to talk to underage philipino lady boys. :)
  6. Ha! That's me busted! Be careful, some of the buggers are hung like bears.
  7. Fair one, but at least here you can talk about well hung ladyboys without being closed down by the CA mods for not being serious enough :)
  8. Which? Shome mistake surely? :wink:
  9. Care to share the number? I've racked up a serious amount of credit and want to use it up.
  10. No I don't care to share. She's mine.

    Or was it a 'he'.