Ok ... who let PG escape from the cellar?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by stapd, Jun 21, 2013.

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  1. He's banned from Colchester.

    Moody put a restraining order on him.
  2. J-C, I really would like to punch you.......repeatedly........until my fists were bloody stumps..now FUCKING STOP POSTING THIS CUNTING PICTURE :)

    Goaty will probably post it next
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  3. You say not to put it up again, yet you quote the post and.......erm....put it up again.

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  4. Learning to love yourself is the greatest love of all.

    © George Benson
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  5. Fuck me D-L, how on earth did you work it out, truely shocking :)

    Cunt ;-)
  6. Where the fucks the squeaky arrsed bellmer keep his bank card? Up his jappo?

    Posted from my wheelchair via head dobber
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  7. I wondered what happened to Norman Wisdom, the unfunny cunt.
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  8. Will people please stop posting pictures of that creature.
  9. We get told off for posting photos of Rearwords.

    It gives Jarrod nightmares anyway.
  10. Why the PG hero worship? Fat old never done anything Cold War REMF by all accounts.

  11. Irrespective of the fellow's weight and age..

    you appear to be mistaking a respect for a purveyor and practitioner of perversity, filth and anti clerical licentiousness who would happily navigate untrodden paths of pure depravity base enough to persuade the Marquis de Sade to renounce his life's work and sign up for the local bowls team and who cherishes vice, vitiation and verbal viciousness ...

    with a regard for a bloke that had a military career.

    Jog on.
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  12. No Nero worship from me, though if you say :-
    . fat... Hmm yep
    . old ... Getting there
    . never done anything cold war remf ... Close enough

    Then maybe the term is fellow traveller or some such...

    Anyhow, I did like my son's comment when he sighted the gimp -
    "Mum, why is that man covered in rubber? Its a hot day and he'll get really sweaty"

    Which makes me think he'd have seen nothing odd if it had been a cooler day

    ... Perhaps I need to check what his mums getting up to while I'm working

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