OK!! Who left the gate open??

Plane spotters spark terrorist alert after being waved into RAF base and allowed to start taking photos | Mail Online

A pair of helicopter spotters sparked a major terrorist alert after driving into an RAF base 'to have a look around'.
Salesmen Max Awad, 30, and Addison Bridet, 29, were apparently waved through a military checkpoint and began taking photos of Chinooks and a Lynx.
It was ten minutes before officers at RAF Odiham, Hampshire, realised there had been a breach and assembled an armed response team.

Somebody is going to get a smacked botty over THAT one!!!
Then all hell broke loose. There were armed guards running everywhere and a tannoy blaring, "emergency, emergency, breach of code".

I'd be more worried about an Armed RAF QRF tbh!
They shouldn't have publicised it. Now Wonk_Mog knows how to get in....
They thought it was an open day...then noticed there were no refreshment stands. Sounds to me like they were at the circus, and the clowns on the gate just waved them in.
Well, it's not so bad as one Public Day at Hualien Airforce base on Taiwan. The RoC military likes to throw their doors open annually to reassure voters that their tax money is being well spent and on this one occasion the Defence Minister was visiting for a briefing. He decided to take the opportunity to 'press the flesh' with one of the groups of visitors, only to discover that they were mainlanders on a holiday tour, happily snapping away at everything in sight.

Coffee was not a feature in a great many people's mornings, that day.
10 minutes??? Nice one lads.
We were at Girdwood Park in 1977 when the alarm went off in the prison warders married quarters compound next door. Only trouble was nobody had ever heard this particular alarm ever go off before and so it was ignored for about 25 minutes until someone cottoned on what this annoying loud noise actually was. The connecting gate was then quickly unlocked and we advanced on the prison warders bungalows, weapons in the shoulder looking for tricolour waving terrorists. Given the delay in the response to the alarm, good job it was a false one eh!
Oddiham, ah yes I remember the place. I used to run past it regularly. Thats the Hampshire cancer-pikey-IQ collapse syndrome cluster- entirely unasociated with those mysteriously photogenic raydomes. I found that a pie placed precariously on top of my tin foil hat would be piping hot by the time I got to the cricketers arms.
Someone forgot to say "Barrier down"?
The joys of gate guard. The second you scratch your arse or blow your nose and wave some cnut through, it just happens to be P&SS, SIB, Al'Qaeda or the Hampshire Chopper Appreciation Club. Nobody ever remembers the other 1500 you've bonnet and booted over the previous week. Damned if you do etc. One chore I didn't miss when I came out.

That said, I once got waved on to Lakenheath, just because I was wearing shades, an A2 and riding a BFO V twin.
All plane spotters should be jailed, with some sort of 'light' sippenhaft put in place whereby their relatives get slapped around a bit with nerf bats and their zoom lenses confiscated, sold and reinvested in wide angled lenses that then get given to people like me to photograph the beautiful Wiltshire countryside.
I remember a Northern Irish MOD policeman on duty at a UK base who allowed some of his relatives to drive around. This was to let them look at the TA who were guarding it for a weekend ex. Not sure if he got into trouble for it, it didn't feel right so I hope he did.
Salesmen? The metrosexual haircuts, Bluetooth headsets (a 100% proof sign of a man who has tiny genitalia) and spray-on shiny suits didn't give the game away?!

Damned shame they weren't shot.

Actually, damned shame they didn't get sucked into the rotors of a passing Lynx.

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