Ok, who do we reckon for President of the USA

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by PartTimePongo, Jul 30, 2004.

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  1. And the reasons why for your choice?
  2. adir

    adir Old-Salt

    'Better the devil you know.............'
  3. That about sums it up.
  4. I await the arrival of the MIL.COM cheerleaders with baited breath 8O
  5. Kerry because Bush is a chopper who is willing to sacrifice the lives of hundreds if not thousands of his own countrymen in order to get himself into the history books.
    calls himself a war president!! only ever did national guard in the US during Vietnam and even then went 'missing' for 2 months!! A war president who was utterly clueless about what to do when told about the strikes against the twin towers and just sat there looking gormless.
    Bring on Kerry, at least hes served, how can a war dodging chopper like Bush be Colonel in Chief of the Armed forces??? even our Queen (God love her) did a bit for her country during WW2.
  6. OldChap

    OldChap Old-Salt

    To be fair, FF, we don't know how the event was put to him by his advisor; and besides, I'm not sure I'd know exactly what I'd say or do if I was told about something like that.

    But then I wasn't stupid enough to run for President.
  7. ViroBono

    ViroBono LE Moderator

    Kerry, for all the reasons FF gave, and because no-one could be as bad as the Depilated Primate. Also, the Heavenly Hero and his Platidudinous Platoon will not have quite such a good relationship for self promotion.
  8. Booty

    Booty War Hero

    Hmmm, it's a toughie. Just who would a soldier vote for: a man who spent the Vietnam War avoiding military service AT HOME (overseas? get outa here) or a man who was right in the thick of it? Besides, all that Bible thumping of Bush's gives me the creeps.


    I would never deny any man or woman their religion.

    But the way The Boy George uses it along side politics sends shivers up my spine.

  10. kerry his detractors call him an interllectural
    well running the usa takes a bit of grey power look at the mess happens when you let a chimp do it :cry:
    plus been to war did'nt love it and had the balls to stand up publicly and go this sucks big time nither of which did bill or george 8O
  11. polyglory

    polyglory Old-Salt

    I agree,.

    Sad state of affairs really :roll:
  12. woody

    woody LE

    kerry as he hasent got his head up a rag heads arse like bush has .
    but basically anyone else would be better
  13. What ever the result the world is going to be a scarier place to live in than it was before the chimp rose to power.

    He has made world climate far more volatile with his so call war on terror. Granted a stance needed to be made, but why not do it covertly without the need to wrap himself in the stars and stripes and make the world population do one of two things, 1, being vomit all over the place and 2 make anyone who was on the fence jump on the side of those who get a buzz from slotting Westerners.

    Bush makes me spew, but when Kerry stood up yesterday and said 'Mr Kerry reporting for duty' I nearly technicolour yawned all over the tele.

    Corporal, you being an almost level headed septic...ish :D you must cringe when some of these dicks open thier mouths
  14. but then again, 9 out of 10 septics make me want to spew when ever they open their burger stretched mouths and start going on about God loves America (nobody else does!!) and all that sugar coated crap they go on about.
    Some are alright, mainly ARRSE users of course and those that work in the porn industry.
  15. neanderthal

    neanderthal Old-Salt

    Sorry, not been paying the attention I should to the run up.

    Is there an Independent that has thrown his hat into the ring? Couldn't we ensure that he gets a go?

    If I had to give a preference for one of the other two, it would have to be Bush; at least he had the b*lls to do something (or perhaps more accurately authorise what his advisers told him he should do) when his country was attacked.

    I accept that he's not the sharpest pencil that's ever scribbled in the Oval Office and to be honest I do not like Mr Rumsfeld, but he does have a sharp mind. With Rice and Powell also on his team, I think that Bush has the better balance and regrettably, probably should be given a second go.

    He can't make it any worse, can he....?