Ok ...who chooses the vehicle names for the army ?

So, Snatch, is being replaced by Ocelot, which, when looked up on the interweb turns out to be a cat. so, we get a Snatch being replaced by a pussy, whats the next vehicle going to be called ? I await 2013 and the launch of the Clunge with anticipation.
whatchu talkin bout willis? it's named after 'Revolver ocelot' from Metal Gear Solid.....obviously! :)
Not sure, but there is a pattern forming. Panther, Ocelot both cats. Mastiff, Ridgeback, Wolfhound and Husky all dogs.


What is it with animals, anyway? Whatever happened to proper names that instil a bit of fighting spirit, like Chieftan, Centurian, Churchill ?
although i do quite like mastiff and ridgeback to be honest. maybe the next batch could be named after natural disasters? the tornado/ hurricane, the quake 2.0, thunder/lightning for LR vehicles, the blizzard/sandstorm.....they sound good. i think i'm onto something.


I think now and again, these procurement agencies must get someone with a sense of humour. The same happened to Ford during the late 70's early 80's. We had the Fiesta, the Escort - but unfortunately I am still awaiting the long anticipated Ford Razzle and Ford Readers-Wives.

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