OK, which of you's rape van was this?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by sunnoficarus, Sep 15, 2012.

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  1. [​IMG]
    Jimmy Savile custom job

    It didn't seem right to put this in the Come have a go . . . .
  2. He won't be using the van for a while. I wonder how long the tax and MOT are OK for.
  3. Looks like an old Range Rover. Good to see he's a well prepared and professional rapist.
  4. It is a Range Rover. By modifying that tap, the basin could become a functional douche bowl.
  5. Has the doctor advised her to stay out of bed until she's fully recovered?
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  6. Is that one of them sinks you get at the dentist? The one that dispenses the "pink drink," which then dribbles down your face and makes you look a right mong...
  7. The article says it took 6 hours in all.... did he have erectile dysfunction or something?
  8. This reminds me of a storyline on The Bill in the good old days of DS Frank Burnside. A hooker was complaining of a rape but Frank was busy with another crime, so he came out with the immortal line

    "Never mind love, you'll have to put it down as un-paid overtime"..
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  9. Isn't rape of a prostitute classed as shoplifting?

    Is that my taxi?
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  10. Isn't rape of a prostitute classed as shoplifting?

    Is that my taxi?
  11. Well, it doesn't belong to me. My rape van has a wood-chipper towed behind it.
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  12. It wasn't mine. Rape a prostitute? Whatever happened to professional courtesy?
  13. Why go for a professional when there are so many willing amateurs?