OK, which of you buggers was selling their sperm?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by BarkingSpider, Sep 17, 2010.

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  1. Two blokes get done for illegally selling sperm.

    OK it's a Daily Mail linky but good drills those men, right up until the point you got caught for it. Wankers.

    Oh, did you see what I did there...

    I never realised you could get so much money for something (almost) any bloke can make.
    Looks for suitable smiley icon ...ah this one will have to do: :safe:
  2. Not me, I donate mine for free :)
  3. I'll make a large deposit later.
  4. That's put visions through me head I don't want. Thanks
  5. Adopt me for free instead.

  6. Is a man's anus an appropriate receptacle?
  7. I was whipping up a deposit for the sperm bank the other day and got a right bollocking.
    I was on the bus at the time though.

  8. My mum says I should never breed with people.
  9. Obviously a woman of taste and perception. You must get your intelligence from your father's side.
  10. Nurse! Get me a bigger bucket!!!
  11. Could the COs be accused of providing the means for ARRSE maidens to procure such samples??

    I only ask!

  12. Pah, the government stifling free enterprise again. I thought they were keen on business startups involving renewable resources.

    In all seriousness, I'm led to believe that that you can make a good living from sperm donation in America, especially if you're clever/handsome/sporty or, preferably, all three.

    In Britain you need to be a fekkin retired racehorse to make a living out of what comes naturally (pun intended).
  13. Not sterile but at least i'm enthusiastic.
  14. It's your head he's thinking of depositing it in. Any hole will do...
  15. Felching it out to put it in the sample bottle is the difficult bit, especially if you're prone to swallowing.
    Apparently women aren't keen on IVF when there's bits of shit in the donors sample.