OK, which of you buggers was selling their sperm?

Adopt me for free instead.

I was whipping up a deposit for the sperm bank the other day and got a right bollocking.
I was on the bus at the time though.

My mum says I should never breed with people.
Obviously a woman of taste and perception. You must get your intelligence from your father's side.
Pah, the government stifling free enterprise again. I thought they were keen on business startups involving renewable resources.

In all seriousness, I'm led to believe that that you can make a good living from sperm donation in America, especially if you're clever/handsome/sporty or, preferably, all three.

In Britain you need to be a fekkin retired racehorse to make a living out of what comes naturally (pun intended).
Do the recipients of donated Man Fat prefer straight from the 'Tap' (draught) or bottled.......?


The BBC said they'd made £250k between them. I said to my wife they must have had some help.

It was on Radio 2 at 4pm, 'selling sperm without a licence'. I thought that's disgraceful, thousands of children just back from school, asking their mother to explain what a licence was.

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