Ok, what kind of walt is this??


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elf walt?

thing is, why would an elf want the items that were stolen anyway?
what kind of walt? well he stole two sets of bra's and suspenders so two guesses which service arm he might belong too. I know which one my money would be on.
I think he's away with the pixies.
He's a mentalist - MEN-TAL-IST! I believe thats the correct medical terminology
I think it tells a sad story.

And Carrickfergus has a definite need for more lingerie shops.
How often have you said you did something in Elf Defence?
theoriginalphantom said:
How often have you said you did something in Elf Defence?
Bugger missed that one.

Nice one phantom.
If he does have two personalities, at least no matter what happens he'll have his 'Elf.
I wonder if the shopowner told him to "take your pick elf'
No elf control?
Is this just going to be Dragon on and on with vague references to mythical beasts etc? I for one won't stand for these weak puns, they are just Goblin up valuable bandwidth.
Low elf esteem?
Nah, he just pixies fights.
DPM_Sheep said:
Who the feck robs a lingerie shop from playing a board game?
I'm assuming it was a 'live' role play game where people ponce about acting out their characters.
He bought a pet.

Though not at Tescos.

He didn't want any contaminated pet troll.

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