OK, what do you think...frangible solid 12 g (not a Hatton Round)

Discussion in 'Shooting, Hunting and Fishing' started by Bilbo-K, Jun 1, 2012.

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  1. I get called out regularly by plod and the RSPCA to deal with (amongst other things) deer that get skittled by cars. I usually take a 22 and my 6 shot semi-auto with solid slug, SG and no 5 shot cartridges, which pretty much covers most scenarios I come across.

    Had a large fallow buck not so long ago that was much more mobile than they usually are after being skittled, even though its back legs werent working properly. I couln't get closer than about 20 yds and didn't initially have a safe back stop to use either slug or sg although after a lot of ******* about I managed to despatch it with sg.

    So... I have heard people talking about wax slugs and found this on Youtube

    The interesting thing for me was when looking at the impacts there did not appear to be much penetration through the target, which for situations where Slug and SG are marginal for ricochet etc this could be the answer...

  2. Would it not be a **** to clean your gun afterwards?
  3. Apparently not...the wax not only acts as a lubricant but leaves the barrel nice and shiny...
  4. Well, in that case.......
  5. Interesting. For your application it certainly has merit.

    Do you not use something like a 243 with expanding? There are some good products that have high energy transfer without through penetration.
  6. Certainly 243 would do the job paricularly loaded up with somthing like the Hornady 58gr VMax (light bullet with explosive exapnsion) but would be another club to carry in the bag
  7. What about cut shells - would they work?

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  8. yeah...I have seen this. The thing about the wax slugs is that they dump all their energy in the target - not sure how a cut shell would work - just seems plain wrong as well. The other problem for me is that I am using a semi-auto so I imagine there would cycling issues.
  9. Never seen these before. In theory they are illegal to fire unless you have the authority to possess slug. They would still be SG right up to the point you put it into the gun. Probably get some plastic fouling in the bore as a bonus.

    Cycling in a semi, I'd imagine the first one would go well but the second would deform between mag and chamber and jam, potentially spewing shot all over the place. As you say bilbo, just seems plain wrong lol but thanks JoeCivvie for sharing an interesting vid.
  10. do you charge for this humane dispatch service? or need any special condition on your FAC???............ and more importantly do you get to keep the meat?
  11. Saw waxed up shot used as an alternative to the Hatton. Saw the pig stick nicked off a wheelbarrow used as a more than convincing door opener too.
  12. I often get called out to find and deal with reluctant roadkill, the standard equipment here is a heavy calibre pistol, a medium calibre carbine .308Win seems popular, a longish knife (there are various types depending on the type of game: jagdknicker, Saufanger, Hirschfanger), a bloodhound with a long line and a terrier with both bollocks and a good reverse gear ( a bodyguard for the other dog in case of pigs ). Shotgun loads, even slug and rifled sanglier shotguns, are not accurate enough when faced with the classic three legged red, which will run for days.

    Shot loads are illegal here for anything bigger than a Fox/Hare, although SG was the standard load in the DDR for pig and Roe (they didn't trust everyone with a rifle).
  13. I don't know about Bilbo but normally no, yes and yes.

    You're normally held on a list in the control room, you have a condition on your FAC which says along the lines of "The firearms on this certificate may also be used for the humane despatch of sick and/or injured animals" and what you do with the carcase(s) is up to you.

    Get BASC or equivalent insurance, just in case it goes wrong and some organisations do humane despatch courses. I did a forest ranger one a few years ago now. Ask plod licensing for the condition and to go on the call out list, but often they have twenty or so already on the list covering various areas of the county.

    Regarding the wax slug ammo. Section 1, so needs authority on FAC but seems on the face of it quite good, albeit a .357 carbine will humanely despatch most wild animals in my experience in the UK.
  14. My FAC conditions

    "The 12 bore shotgun and any calibre rifle and ammunition (including solid slug) to which this certificate relates may be used in connection with the humane killing of animals on behalf of the RSPCA, when deployed by the RSPCA or Police Control."

    Lost an argument with my licensing dept about allowing me to use my 44 lbr despite the fact that they agreed that if I applied for a sect 5 pistol then they could see no reason why it would not be granted. I was just not prepared to fork out for a piece of kit which was only going to make life a bit more convenient rather than a real necessity.

    I know a number of people who have no special condition on their FAC and are part of (usually Police sponsored) schemes e.g. Deer Wardens.

    There is nothing to stop me keeping the carcasses and in fact on occasions I have, but the normal issues are:

    1. A lot of the time the deer are in very poor or even emaciated condition
    2. If the deer have been walloped hard then the internal haemoraging ruins the meat.
    3. A lot of the deer I get called out to are fallow and I do not have the facilities at home to deal with anything other than the smaller species e.g. roe, munties
  15. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    The DI scheme in Sussex states you are supposed to mark the carcasse for disposal if unable to remove it. It also says it should be disposed of and not consumed but all the DI wardens I know use the meat depending upon each carcasse.
    I used to wax loads many years ago before I got slug on ticket. It would penetrate sleepers almost as much as a Brenneke slug and didnt leave any extra residue. The problem is pressure but as an emergency load it was acceptable and recommended in a book called combat shotguns.
    I dont do the call out as we dont have much here on my immediate doorstep but I do havex the variation on my FAC.
    When the DI started the scheme I approachedd the council offering my services for training but it seemed the DI wanted all DSC1 and 2 bods.
    I have found that here an ounce of No6 if close up or any rifle will do. I keep the little carbine handy but the law is quite clear you cannot commit an offence under the deer act by using an otherwise unsuitable weapon to despatch an injured deer!