OK, we have "Carlsberg Weekend"; what about "Carlsberg Ex" ?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Bravo_Bravo, Nov 6, 2007.

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  1. I'd nominate Eagles Strike; ExCon 2 PARA BG, young Harry ( not that one burned a good 800m long strip of the Brigade HLS; 8-9 lifts in Merlin / Chinook; I was in the point Plt of the BG and lead in the entire assault ( hurrah for me. )

    Did a TESEX on SPTA; told we'd be Warrior dismounts ( yeah, sure Sir; Bedfords again I assume?.. ) until we heard the rumble of Wr and spent nine days bouncing around in the back. Company assalt with 9 Wr and three MBTs was a bit tasty...

    Way back, White Rhino; late 80s, Vogelsang, thousands of blokes ( and a 15 PARA metal sign for a while... :D )
  2. Have you been drinking.

    I'd go back to the old TA. I'd remain in my old unit as RSWO/RSO of either Leeds Rifles Bns and the CO would be Lt Col Tetley (Carlsberg-Tetley)
  3. I've not been drinking* but I can trump you; my first serious girlfriends' mother's maiden name was Tetley

    Yes, THAT Tetley...

    * fat biffa at the mo... :cry:
  4. Guess that I've been on better exercises than anyone else then.

    Hurrah for me.
  5. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    No, but having done Eagle's Eye/Flight/Strike/Claw/Feather/Crimper et al, I am having difficulty summoning up the same level of enthusiasm as you!
  6. well I'm young and excitable, for a hat.
  7. I'd nominate Lionheart in the mid 80s. We ( 2 Shock Wessex) were playing the enemy, air assault onto bridges or well placed hilltops and wait to be turfed off. Acting as Coy 2IC I had my own private Scout helicopter to recce the routes in for a good bit of it. Max 24 hours in the field at any one time before heading back to barracks to rehearse the next one. Magic.

    The boss at the time said that we should jack it when we got back as it would never be as good again. He was right.
  8. My first CO in the OTC was the Managing Director of Broughton Breweries. Any time we won anything, crates of real ale would magically appear; for my sins, I was 17 years old and still in that transitional phase between drinking cider and drinking lager.

    Two years later, we had a brewing student join as an OCdt whose family owned a reasonably large brewery (he's now a Lt.Col, so there's an infantry unit out there looking hopeful)

    But the best exercise? Ex RED SHANK, definitely. It even beat being Trossachs' 2ic :)
  9. EX Marble Tor (Gib) 3 days FIBUA, 11 days on the raz. Takes real stamina :D
  10. Unbeatable!
  11. Marble tor is a great camp hardly an exercise though.
    2 weeks live firing in the ukraine loads of ammo no range restrictions cheap beer cracking R&R .
  12. I had to get this one in.....endex :D
  13. Have to agree with woody, was called Ex Cossack Express, and ended up being two weeks of awesome field firing, finishing in a full on Bn attack fired in by the mortars and the SF, AP having to breach through minefields. Gleaming.
    Did similar in Georgia, but not as good, best part was the six of us that stayed behind for rear party, half a days work, then a day and half to ourselves in the capital Tbilisi. Survived on cheap beer (and yes they had Carlsberg!) and McDonalds (in between turkish spa's, dirty russian whores (not me you understand) and dodgy underground ranges)!