OK to be a lezzer, not OK to be a chubster

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by the_guru, Aug 30, 2006.

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  1. Firstly can I say that I used to despise Nicky Campbell. No longer. Listening to his show on 5live every morning on the way to work is generally an interesting thing to enjoy whilst crawling round the M25.

    Anyway, there was a debate this morning about assisting women to get preggers. Basically, the NHS has said that it is OK for the funding to be provided to lesbians and single women, but not to obese women, because evidentally it is difficult to conceive when fat. (Maybe they should hang out near Cheeks, I'm sure there are loads of lads who would like to sort them out) A caller made an excellent point that why should we pay to create (in the case of single women) more one parent families into the world, when it has been proved that a father figure round the home is beneficial to the childs development. But what really got my dander up was the limp wristed leftie Proffesor who stated that we "should not dicriminate against a childs right to live" Unbelievable. We are NOT talking about abortion here, where the "child" has been conceived, we are talking about an unfertilised embryo, that would usually embed itself on a piece of cotton wool with string on the end.

    Does an egg have the right to be fertilised. Is this man a d1ck?
  2. I have consulted the free range organic eggs in my fridge and they said F all - I have my answer!

    I can under stand why the NHS would not want to waste money on the over weight - less chance of getting up the duff. As for same sex relationships (women only on this one) - as long as they are married, I have no problem.
    But FFS single women! does this not go against the rules of society when it comes to families. Im a bit confused here.
    Unless "single" really means co-inhabiting.
  3. [Pedant] Egg + Sperm= Embryo.

    It is the embryos, not the egg, that get put on ice, so technically conception has already occurred.[/Pedant]

    Of course, there is IVF treatment where the egg is harvested from the women who will carry the foetus and is then fertilized in vitro, and also artificial insemination (See Holmes, Katie).

    Personally, I don't see having children as a human right. It's a lottery and sorry, but some people lose out- such is life. I don't know why such treatment is available on the NHS given its cost, its low success rate and the fact that there are many more pressing priorities. Besides, if watching grumble flicks for all these years has taught me anything, it's that the lezzers all love it when a bloke joins the party anyway.
  4. Made me larf,

    okay your fat! can't catch out, go for a tab! it will reduce you chances of Polycystic Ovaries Syndrome

    if your a lezz accept the fact that your mental make up means you don't like d1ck, accept the fact that you won't accept a blokes baby glue so whats your right to have IVF,

    Single women, WTF, get your kit on and get down the club and spread em wide.

    There are plenty of couples who can't have kids and want them, bloke i knew a Kneller Hall ran the mess, he sold his business and his house up north to pay for his misses to have IVF, she caught out and spent the 9 months hospital bound!
  5. This is simple. You need a man and a woman to make a baby. Having kids is not a right. Gay men can't. Lesbians can if they have a "donor" or if they "go straight with a mate". Single women can by conventional means. We have diluted the meaning of family to the point that men are now seen by the hand wringing left as a means to create children alone.
  6. Gay people cant have children. otherwise they would be straight. simple enough - a few million years of evolution decided it. just because science now means they can doesnt mean they SHOULD. the reason fat birds might struggle to conceive also boils down to nature, natural selection etc etc (as ar for doctor to shoot me down). people should stop getting excited over rights to this and rights to that. how can an unfertilised egg have rights? does that mean that every month an egg has its rights violated when it gets attached to a jam rag and consigned to the bin? i fcuking hate lefty wnakers with sociology degrees...............and their tweed jackets with leather elbow patches. :x
  7. Lesbians have made a life decision to decline cock. A "todger-dodger" if you will. Now they want us taxpayers to fund treatment ot allow them to have children.

    'Women who wear flat shoes' can't have their cake and eat it.

    Even if they are eating it off the furry plate.
  8. Depends if you believe homosexuality to be a choice or not. Others believe homosexuals to be naturally gay.
  9. Well if they are naturally gay, i.e. a hormonal imbalance gives no innate desire to mate with a member of the opposite sex for reproduction, why do they want to have children?

    As I said : cake + eat - cock= fat minge muncher.
  10. I disagree with conventional medical opinion on this one.

    Bearing in mind that squaddies and achohol were invented so that fat chicks could get laid, I suggest that all fat munters should migrate to Garrison towns Thursday - Sunday, I guarantee a pregnancy, or the clap eventually.
  11. What about the vast majority of lezzers being fattys?
  12. At the risk of upsetting a number of people. Inability to conceive is not a life threatening condition.
    Spend the money on something that is.
  13. This comes down to what the NHS is for - treatment of illness or of 'conditions'

    Inability to conceive is distressing but will not kill you. With a large number of infertility cases due to chlamydia (which is of course on the rise) maybe we should be concentrating even more money on that than very expensive, probably won't work, 'treatment' for non-life threatening conditions
  14. When I was a soldier fat birds were not sent to some fancy clinic, they went to the local night club to be impregnated by soldiers. I suppose this is just one more symptom of overstretch on the modern Army?
  15. They could always come up to Dundee and adopt a 14/15 year old... guaranteed if she isn't pregnant when they do it'll only be a matter of months. Two for the price of one plus you have a ready made babysitter, kids always appear nicer when you can hand them back.