Ok this is starting to p!ss me off now........

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by Soggyllama, Mar 3, 2010.

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  1. Remakes of classic films. Can they not leave ANYTHING alone??

    After searching through the movie thing on my iMac, I came across a Trailer for the Nightmare on Elm street remake.

    Click HERE to view the new trailer :(

    Dracula, Frankenstein, Psycho, Chainsaw Massacre, Halloween, Friday 13th, Nightmare on elm street....whats next?? Is nothing sacred?
  2. Dawn of the Dead - (re)done
    The Italian Job - ditto
    Batman? Is that a remake or a rehash?
    ISTR talk of remaking the Graduate.
    As long as they leave the Spaghetti Western Trilogy and Butch Cassidy & the Sandance Kid alone.
  3. The new Batman was a massive improvment on the original, so they're not all bad.
  4. My bold - these were Western remakes of Japanese films by Kurosawa, the principal one being Yojimbo starring Toshiro Mifune.

  5. yeah went to watch the The Crazies in cinema and they where advertisig it.
  6. Batman (Begins & Dark Knight) was a New beginning, (Pretending the 80's and '90's versions never existed), so not so much remake, just starting the story how it SHOULD'VE Began.

    To be honest, I didnt even think of all the none-horror movies that were remade.

    Italian Job.......in LA.......WTF? 8O
  7. And miss the opportunity to make decent money without having the following:

    To pay out any new dosh to authors etc. as the film rights may already be owned by the studio's
    An whole team of screenwriters to adapt any new book.
    The chance it might fail, as the original was a classic
    The film is already in the public psyche, so possibly will save some money on marketing
    Lack of original ideas but lazy producers/studio owners
    Ad infinitum

    I don't really watch many Hollywood films but any remakes I do, tend not to better than the orignals. But that's a whole thread in itself and been done elsewhere
  8. I'll have to admit ignorance here. I was aware that the Magnificent Seven had its roots in Japanese films, but not these ones.
  9. Spot on, the classic 60's Batman was more camp than Julian Clary, it was definitely in need of a makeover to regain the sinister feel that marvel comics gave it.
  10. Fronty

    Fronty Old-Salt Book Reviewer

    It's like buying up the rights to classic comics characters. People know that they can get them for cheap, and they know that there is a readymade loyal fanbase for the resulting films, so it's almost a given moneymaker.

    In some ways this is nice, because you know that even if they are half accurate, it's going to be a good film (unlike the dross that a lot of other films turn out to be), but if you liked the original comics, you end up sad, deflated, depressed, and feeling that they are just unintelligent, unimaginative fuckwits that care not two hoots for a classic.
  11. Last Man Standing with Bruce Willis, is an officially recognized remake of Yojimbo. The Maginificent Seven was a western version of Kuroswa's classic, The Seven Samurai.

    It's ironic with Last Man Standing, as it was a remake of Kurosawa's film and Kurosawa himself admitted he was influenced by Hollywood westerns and in particular, High Noon. A sort of remake of a remake.
  12. My bold - I don't believe the situation to be as bleak as you suggest.
    Directors such as Ang Li ( The Hulk) Tim Burton ( Batman) Chris Nolan ( Batman) have set a standard for the DC and Marvel translations to the big screen. It's not my particular genre, but nevertheless I appreciated Nolan / Christian Bales's Batman pair of films. I just can envisage any directors returning to the '60's tv adaptions following the above.
  13. Hey.. if there's money to be made and suckers who will plunk down a first mortgage for a ticket and sell the car for popcorn, out of 'nostalgia' for old flicks, then they'll keep cranking them out..

    just read that " they" have decided to re-envision [ that's the word].. Gilligan's Island as a feature film 'cause..get this.. the characters are iconic...

    bring on 2012.. the Mayans had it right...
  14. Star Trek was brill. They have just done Wolfman again
  15. I myself am looking foward to the Dambusters remake.

    The story of an American Airman with a white dog named "honkey" who saves the Irish from the English Nazis.