OK then. Which one of you is Halle Berry?

Time to own up. Which one of you is really Halle Berry???


Berry reveals her chatroom secret

Film star Halle Berry has revealed she anonymously joined internet chatrooms to escape her famous persona.

"I have gone online before in search of anonymity and an attempt to leave celebrity out of it and just have a normal chat," the actress told the BBC.

"I just never disclosed that I was Halle Berry." But people she chatted with did not believe her when she revealed her true identity, she said.

BTW. I'm really Sophia Bush


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I'm spartacus!
that would be me then...can't you tell from my pert bottom? :D
Sh1t, you got me.

Hello to all the Lucan Family, I bet you've missed me.
just a small point...if she wanted to escape her sleb persona,why did she fess up? And its not MDN,its Cait!
She probably uses an anagram of her real name. Rather like Flash posting on Adult Sheep Finder as "harlot_self_hatred".

And I'm a very naughty boy... yawn.
I thought I looked pretty good on this morning's television interview. The hair stylist did a really good job and Michael Jackson's advice on lightening my skin has really worked well.

So, what do you think of my new film then?

Litotes.... damn, I meant Halle.
Ah shite. New username time.

Hmmm, if shes been into arrse chat, ive probably told her to get her cunt out!

Result :D
No, I'm Spasticus....er....Spartacus

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