Ok so what is the definition of Middle Class please

I'm struggling here...I used to know what middle class was, I was pretty sure I fitted into it if only just, but I've been listening to this lovely chap on TV recently (Gourden Bruin I think his name was) and I'm now a bit confused

He seems to think I'm not...or I might be, or I could be if only I tried a bit harder...or maybe part of me is and part isn't...or maybe I'm upper class...it's all a bit confusing.

So I have come to the source of all knowledge...albeit for a rather specific definition of 'all' and ask the simple question.

Am I just confused or is GB a kn*b just out to con me into voting for him?

Anyone without an inherited title who isn't John Prescott :?:
If you have been well and truly stuffed by this Government then you are Middle Class .
Shooping in Waitrose when you have friends round you're trying to impress.

Shopping in Aldi when the kids need feeding.
blind_monkey said:
Shooping in Waitrose when you have friends round you're trying to impress.

Shopping in Aldi when the kids need feeding.
No that's definately the working class.
The real middle class have standards and values and aren't showy. They shop at charity shops and wear hand me down old clothes, have furniture their grandparents handed down, can't ever afford nor are interested in foreign package holidays but always find money for their youngsters to go gap year travelling and always have standing orders for their charities. They cool food from scratch and like to shop locally and they buy good wine- bought by the case.
Oh it's the Naafi...carry on! :p


I wonder what would happen if Rihanna joined the artillery

Gunner Rhia-nna

Middle class is defined as being more than two mortgage payments away from being evicted, having a aga and a 4x4. Plus children from the same father who attend school and do not hold a asbo.
Middle Class is getting out of the bath for a pi$$.

I wish I could remember the name of the film/TV show where I first heard that.
It depends on what the topic is, if you get your definitions from this site.

1. If it's a topic to do with law and order or national defence, the middle classes are lentil munching sandal wearers with a penchant for group hugs and recycling. They also get their politics handed down from the editorial page of The Guardian and work in a 'public sector non-job.

1. If it's a topic to do with public finances then the middle classes are the backbone of the nation whose taxes pay for everything, in fact they're the only ones who pay and, and, and nobody ever pays attention to what they want not even the err white middle class judges, politicians, senior policemen, etc. who run the country (see 1 above).
Buying the Radio Times to see what is on the BBC

Carpet that extended to the wall

One Hundred Best Tunes on Sunday evening

Dame Joan Sutherland on the Dansette Viva

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