ok so what does it take?

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by peachesss, Mar 10, 2007.

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  1. no

  2. of roses

  1. i consider myself to be a nice person yet still no one seems to want to talk to me on here.... do i smell? :elephant: :frustrated: haha
  2. No, you are a 6'3" builder called Dave from Wolverhampton.

    Get out. Meet real people.
  3. jolly nice chap arnt you lol... actually im 5ft 6 work in admin and called katy oh and i meet lots of people in the real world so ner ner n ner ner :thumright: haha
  4. Dave, thanks for that. :thumright:
  5. no problem princess :blowkiss: lol
  6. Try posting elsewhere on this site, get to know people and then post a photo of your gaping arrse with your shrivelled pre-op genitalia on show for everyone to laugh at and MDN to wnak over.

    If by some remarkable fluke of probabilities you are in fact a bit of a honey then come to Budapest: I have loads of rohypnol and a lucky blue coat.
  7. Get yerself up on the gallery, then you will get a real considered opinion.

  8. Get a pic sorted out on this post. Saves me looking through the gallery.
  9. well unfortunatly i cant seem to upload any pics onto here tho i have tried so just for your benefit il try to add it on this post...
    tho you will find im not a honey lol
  10. typical lol
  11. Well if you do mouth-vagina-anal-mouth then I will still happily chuck one up you. How big are your norks and do you (as the photograph suggests) stink of tower block lifts and stale twiglets?

    I am a bit unsure because you appear to be both a minging ginger and have a suntan (or is it just painted on?). Even if you are gwa, if you have big funbags then I will do you (as a charitable act, registered with the taxman).
  12. Trap two? :biggrin:
  13. 1, dont do
    2, wouldnt want you to "chuck one up me"
    3, as if im gonna tell
    4, dont live in or near a tower block
    5, not ginger
    6, natural tan (summer '04)
    7, not a charity case however with your attitude towards women im guessing your quite used to charity but towards yourself

    rant over x
  14. Your new here arnt you peachess?
  15. Peaches,peaches, peaches!!, This is an Army site and unless you were a stunner, you were open season to theese guys, wait until the rest of them start, I doubt if you'll like it. But if you stay, give as good as you get. IMHO.