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Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by seanbean, Nov 28, 2006.

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  1. Can anyone settle a discussion we are having? Why do we call the "Crabs" "Crabs". Several explanations on the go here - some more plausible than others!
  2. Stop me if you've heard this one before but how do you get rid of crabs? I mean the ones that inhabit the plummage commonly called pubic hair?

    First you douse the affected areas with a generous amount of whiskey.

    Then you sprinkle some sand on the aforementioned hair. Then wait for the crabs to get drunk and soon they will get in to a rock fight. Lastly,sit back and let them kill each other off.
  3. Is there an echo in here?
  4. Sorry, seanbean, can't answer your question. But I've another query (more or less) in connection with it: When did the transition from "Brylcream Boys" to "Crabs" actually occur?

  5. Are you on about the RAF or the ones that dirty people get on their genitalia? If your on about the RAF I was informed that we called them crabs because there shirts are crab blue apparently (god knows if thats right, just what I was told). I've always called them blue jobs myself.
  6. Proword 'NO WAH'

    I would like to know as well why they are called thus.

    And to anyone who wahs a decent answer to the query,


    So there.
  7. Early slow moving planes suffered considerably from propwash ie. as the propellers sent the plane forward, there would also be a degree of lateral movement. Bombers especially, being over laden at take off were particularly prone to this and you would notice them taking off and drifting, or crabbing sideways, hence crabs!
  8. Many years ago the only cure for crablice was blue unction. Blue unction is the only thing that is the same colour as RAF Blue. Jolly Jack Tar said that the only thing covered in that shade of blue was crabs, and that is how the RAF got their name.

    It must be true 'cos the RSM told me.
  9. surely you are talking about the effects of propwash, torque and gyroscopic forces on a taildragger, this will turn the aircraft (left on an aircraft where the prop spins to the right) this will not make it crab on take off but actually turn in that direction, this is overcome by opposite rudder hence your takeoff run and actual take off are in the direction of the runway, you only crab when you are flying on a heading but the parcel of air you are flying in has a sideways component in relation to your heading. or as someone else suggested earlier when you sideslip to lose height on landing, this is acheived by rudder applied at the same time as opposite aileron, your aircraft will be flying to a degree, sideways to the direction of flight (the 'degree' depending on how much rudder and opposite aileron are applied), presenting a massive non-aerodynamic surface (the aircraft fuselage) to the air introducing a marked increase in induced drag hence you drop like a stone, in the last moment prior to touch down you 'uncross' the controls and make a smooth landing then its back to the clubhouse for gin and totty!!

    jeez not bad for an ex plant op was it?
  10. According to popular myth it's from the matelots, "Crabs" were given the name from them, as the colour of crab fat is the same as air force blue. True or myth?

    I think it's before boiling.......