ok so i get the picture!!

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by sammy28, Jan 2, 2007.

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  1. ok so u hate the raf!!! but my husband is looking at coming out the raf and joining infantry, just wondered if anyone else had gone from raf to army and what their experience was? also wondered bout pay? what is starting pay? think website said £33 a day in training but dosent say what it is on completion of training? anyone fill me in? ta!!! :?
  2. RAF = imho, better food and service conditions. seriously, don't do it.
  3. they are making him redundant his trade is going civi so he has to do something! army was his first choice in the first place but they pis**d him about too much he ran both applications together and raf came up first!!!! he was brought up in the army and is perfectly aware the differences shall we say!!! but he loves the forces and the out of area sh*t!!! and believe me the raf arnt all they cracked up to be!!!!
  4. What was his trade? If he had a trade, why not join the Army in a similar role. Or at least with a trade.
  5. he is a painter and finisher or a suface maintainance tech!!(not the interior decorating type!!!) not enough out of area for him! loves the whole going to war part!!!!!!!!(yes he is a little strange! too many paint fumes i think!)
  6. To do what? Not much call for applying go-faster stripes in Sangin.
  7. thats the whole point in the trade going!! because they dont have an out of area role!!! :roll: :roll: they are employed out of trade when they go away usually with mt or something!! went out to iraq as mt driver
  8. All of our B+SF traded boys are in field troops none are in the MT role. We actually had a class 2 lad doing some plastering and finishing in Musa qal eh in the summer and I imagine there are other trade related oppurtunities at other less operational units.
  9. Only a suggestion but why not look at going civvy with his trade (where you notice a big difference in money) and joing the TA infantry?

    Best of both worlds.
  10. If he was doing Painting and Finishing on RAF aircraft, why doesnt he try going for REME or the Army Air Corps, they might have some trades that are along the same lines as he is doing at the moment.
  11. His missus came on here to ask serving soldiers their thoughts and opinions - not pre pubescent school children.

    If her next query is "What does an AI's genitalia taste of?" then you may by all means give her the correct answer. Until then, get back in your (toy) box.
  12. Hmm, sorry i didnt come on hear for an arguement, i was only trying to help, so could u please stop insulting me. And from her question she didnt mention anything about 'serving soldiers' but she did mention 'anyone'. I personally wouldnt know what AI genitalia tastes like, but maybe u would like to enlighten everyone because Doctors say that anyone who has been molested normally goes back and brings it up in another form.
  13. Cdt l/cpl...it seems you can't enter any forum without dropping yourself in the cack. Maybe you should unplug your keyboard son!!
  14. i dont satnd for anyone insulting me for no reason when i was on trying to make a suggestion.
  15. you also don't understand the rudiments of the english language by the look of it!