OK.. Now what?

Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by California_Tanker, Feb 2, 2007.

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  1. [​IMG]

    This is proving interesting without a manual, tools, or another built one that I can compare with.

    Not doing too badly so far. Like any jigsaw puzzle, it gets easier the fewer pieces are left over that you haven't figured out where they go yet.

    I just need to find a barrel vice and headspace gauge, and I'm sorted...

  2. If it's any help, the breech block and pistol grip are facing the wrong way.....

    I think the big bit at the bottom of the picture is as well.


    (If I were you, I'd swap it for a Sterling SMG)
  3. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    Its my baby!

    Send it to me and I will fix it!
  4. Hey CT,
    Did all that fluff/ pubic hair/ whatever( see centre top of photo) come out of the weapon too?
    Or do you keep a buffalo in the house?
  5. C_T, how the winter nights must fly by in your house...

  6. In terms of the FFL, it's irrelevant if you buy the whole rifle or just the upper receiver. The paperwork is still the same in the long run. The difference is when you start buying onesies-twosies like "I want a gas piston please." Having all the parts except for the upper receiver is pretty moot, you just have interesting paperweights. The main reason that FALs are so commonly found as 'kits' these days is that pesky American law prohibiting the import of foreign rifles after 1986. As a result, you can still import components except for the upper receiver which is the bit which defines the rifle. This also explains why that one piece is so expensive, as you are confined to what was in the country before 1986 or anything made in the US after that date.

    Difficult to say. If I hop on to the DSA website, I see that California-legal FALs are going for between $1,700 and $2200. Those are new rifles. I'm building mine using used components with exception of the upper receiver, hammer/trigger/sear and gas piston for about $900. The new upper receiver from DSA accounts for about $500 of that, used receivers, especially from other manufacturers, are a lot cheaper, down to $200-$300. Using a standard top cover instead of my California-style sight rail will drop another $100.

  7. http://www.clubi.ie/exalted/images/army/Ireland/FAL1.JPG

    It is done.

    Easier build than I thought, once I borrowed my father-in-law and his lathe to trim the barrel down to size. Getting the locking shoulder in resulted in the interesting sight of my beating the bejasus out of the side of the rifle with a hammer, but it finally submitted to my will. Garage gunsmithing, what do you expect?

    Stopped off at the gun store on the way home, $18 for 20 rounds, it's going to be an expensive toy.

    How many lads on here have never had the pleasure of shooting the old SLR?

  8. Bit complex for a 'Super Soaker' isn't it?
  9. What do you mean you can't put that together in under two minutes blindfolded?
  10. Which comedian did a bit about about making all the guns you could possibly want legal, but the government should make sure every round cost about 50 grand? (You must really want something/someone dead if you're willing to spend 50k on the job.)
  11. Man does only need two tools - a hammer and Plastic Explosives, problems are either fixed or they simply go away.

    Bit cheeky considering they are manufactued for around 20p (40cents) each.
  12. Chris Rock
  13. The State of Maryland tried that after an attempt to ban guns failed. The courts told it to get a life.

    I think it's an issue of supply and demand. I picked up a box of 9mm Para for my nice new Hi-Power, it runs at just over a tenner for a box of fifty. Difference is that the Army's shooting a lot more 7.62 these days than 9mm, it's eating into available production.