OK, no wah people

Its Guardee for batman. The valeting type not the millionaire recluse crime fighting type that is.
Oh no! A butler is far more senior than an orderly...ask The Butler!
OK thanks, I think I've got it. If the mods want to (whoever they are for this forum) it's fine to close this now.
RustyH said:
Out of sheer curiosity, how common are batmen (?) of the servantesque, not nocturnal upside down, type?
Common enough to have to buy their own furniture, but not so common as to say 'settee'.

edited to add: I'll get your coat, sir?
Haven't the staff in most messes assumed some of the batmen's responsibilities, such as ironing, cleaning etc? (Even though a lot of messes don't fulfill their obligations?)

Or am I being old fashioned?

Certainly not in the Gunners. Grumble Grumble...might have got less extras if someone had been there to to iron my kit!

Lots of messes now run by *SHIVER* civilians now, so not included in contract all the nice things that used to happen (or so I'm told) like tea service wake up, shoe polishing, ironing etc. But probably better that way as it instills admin...

Barely enough military manpower to run the mess in fact (a fact in all 4 Regts I've served with), let alone provide Batmen.
I rather think it depends on the Mess and when the initial contract was set up. I have been to a number of Messes (HQNI included) where you could still put your boots and shirt and trousers outside the door for treatment. Before anyone who has not sampled such a service, leaps to a negative conlusion; a. the Mess members pay for it through 'Extra Messing'(?) and b. the 90 year old biddy who is the normal employee of Compass Catering has not had the benefit of a SNCO education.
The only gunner mess that had batmen was the School (RSA Larkhill). The batwomen there were a very mixed bag of bags who seemed merely to provide a cup of tea. No other batting services were provided although the mess bill had not been adjusted to reflect the reduction in those duties.

The gentleman who lived next door to me was however the recipient of early morning services from his batwoman, an arrangement which satisfied him (and her apparently) until the Mess Manager found out about it...apparently someone who was supposed to get his tea and biccie from her had complained about it being delivered consistently late and cold - and presumably out of breath??
I understood that Gunner officers never were very picky, but pensioners employed by Compass Catering aswell? A sad day.......

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