OK Male for Nice Bird...

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by mister_trivia, Jan 8, 2008.

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  1. Ex Army bloke, bit disabled but otherwise up to the mark for the right lady. ;-)

    Male, late 40's, lookin for company. Handed the uniform back a few years ago. If you're bright, funny, pushy, smart and gorgeous, give us an email.

    I'll just wait for this lot to take the p*ss now. A lot. And loud, I suspect.

    But don't let that bother you....

  2. Incoming!!!
  3. Must...resist

    Temptation....too great

  4. Get some training from this thread first. Your skills need refining :twisted:

    Looking for love
  5. hi, Im a scruffy, young, all round bastard who will probably get hammered and then try and cop off with your mates. WLTM an attractive niave woman with agressively low self esteem. No Chubsters.
  6. .....rhymes with "horrocks"..... :)
  7. my sister is available..........
  8. we know ;)
  9. Erectile dysfunction?

  10. You don't want much do you.
  11. you might be out of luck on this site.
  12. Hi Trivi (can I call you that),

    I'm a young girlie and sooooo horny love you long time...only 10 dollah you PM me for horny horny love

  13. Good Day
    My name is Miss Dian James , the only daugther of late Mr.
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    Before the death of my father on jenuary 2003 in a private
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    Please, my love, assist me in this manner and we shall
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    Anticipating to hear from you soon .

    Love and God bless!

    Best regards,
    Miss Dian James