OK, lets discuss cross dominance

Right, I've said my bit on left handed shooters before. I'm not going to repeat myself on that again (well not YET anyway). But the real issue is that everyone has a dominant eye. even if you are 20/20 in both eyes you will use one eye for focusing. Right handed people are usually right eyed aswell, wheras left handed people are usually left eyed. However, what about the few people who are Right handed and left eyed?

Having a dominat left eye must fuk up shooting. The only way I can see down the sights of a rifle is if I make the effort to close my left eye. Right eyed people can see down the sights even with both eyes open (I know this becasuse I can when I hold a rifle left handed). Now this is ok for distance shooting because you are lieing down and can take aim, closing one eye. But what happens when you need to storm a building and spray bullets at the enemy at very close range? What happens if an enemy jumps out infront of you as you are patrolling the streets? In these situations, you don't have time to close your best eye and take careful aim. Also, you can't go running into a building with one eye closed because you would be lacking any sort of depth perception.

So, I would imagine, cross dominant (and left handed) people struggle to shoot as effectively as right eyed/handed people (assuming the rifle is always being fired from a the right shoulder). Ofcourse this is all based on theory because, dispite being left eyed, I've never fired a rifle in combat. However, it makes sense to me and that's all that matters.

Can anyone who knows a lot about firing rifles (That will be people from The Rifles then) tell me if having a domminant left eye is as disasterous as I think it is?

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