OK, I was wrong about doleys!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Semper_Flexibilis, Jan 6, 2010.

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  1. Snowed in here in deepest Hampshire, no one in the street headed off to work this morning with one exception…

    The streets long term 'disabled' doley who works on the side headed off to town on shank's like Scott of the Antarctic to get to his job on the side. True dedication is that.
  2. Well what do you expect? Who else is going to feed his 8 mini-chavs their micro-chips, if he doesn't go out and 'earn'?
  3. Take photo or work out it's route to work if it goes by those CCTV things that infest towns these days and grass it up to the Social.
  4. I've never been a fan of Toffee, so never really enjoyed it. Drank the odd shot or 2 over the years but I'd rather go for Tequila.
  5. msr

    msr LE

    Hope you are going to shop him.
  6. Sod that, pour water all over his path so he slips and ends up with a real disability. That way he can get his money legitimately.

  7. He's been shopped before, DWP did nothing, 'not enough evidence'...
  8. Well done that man- a true example.

    Our local doley (sorry invilid) variously attributed to fall on a building site, motorbike accident, Telic, Herrick (although this has dropped off a little since one of the neighbours with 42 was badly injured last year) - anyway he was up at crack of dawn not only shifting snow but walking 80m with shovel of grit to clear road so that he can drive his 06 plated Evo to his 'special' work. Not bad for a man bed ridden from the nose down.
  9. Could internment and forced labour be the answer? Oh, and sterilisation.
  10. Morning Mr Happy, did the aliens leave the anal probe in again? :roll:
  11. No, the anal probe was becoming uncomfortable so I threw it over your head.
  12. There was a rumour that all "sick" doleys were being re-assessed? Or was that yet more hot air from the MPs?

    Must say I was shocked to find less than half my office even attempted to make it in today, was nice to have a quiet train carriage all the way to Waterloo though :)
  13. I heard that too, trouble is many are claiming depression. Go to the Doctors for a while mumble in the usual retarded monotones about being depressed, get some tablets. Throw tablets away or sell them then get more money of the honest taxpayer as they have a history of depression.
  14. change of plan needed. Find where he is working and contact the UK border agency with info that his employer has an illegal working for him. Will get checked out and maybe raided.
  15. Already looking at postponing a meeting tomorrow.
    I'm happy to travel 100 miles but 10 miles across town may defeat those I need to see :roll: