Ok I surrender, we all do

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Harry Skinters, Jul 3, 2012.

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  1. China 60th Anniversary Military Parade - Chinese Female Soldiers (HD) - YouTube

    Chinese Women Bill Oddies . No Tugboats , they must have some kind of Good looks Selection. If I had to see them fight a lez off , it would be against the tidy Israeli women . In jelly .

    Could this be a new chapter in warfare ? What with the advances in digital media, perhaps us blokes could stay at home in front of that telebox and international disputes would be settled by a 1st XV of lovelies wrestling it out . Kind of like those lez battles on submission.com that I've heard about through a friend. If the outcome of wars was decided by an asian bird getting held down and made to lick fanny, I think we could handle the consequences that much better.

    We wouldn't have to go to war with USA anymore , we could form an alliance with Sweden, Latvia, even Italy would be a formidable ally in the new Model army .

    We would need strict rules to take to the UN . Gents I leave it to you ,I'm away to er, research female fighters til lunchtime or until I go blind
  2. I especially like the Essex Regiment (Far Eastern Bn) in their dinky white boots...
  3. Uniforms to fit into one magazine pouch.
  4. Can you imagine what it'd be like in that regt when it's rag-week?!
  5. How could we win? They've got tits and kinky boots.
  6. You make a fair point , as we all know , They synchronise , could be murders . Poss new word for our SF lot , THEY as in women , ok this has legs . I'm seeing an end to the Falklands dispute involving 4 Argie birds, 4 of ours, losers get violated horrifically .

    I'm starting to feel like a coked up porn director, instead of the creator of a new mutually appealing form of warfare. I need to sit down I'm getting dizzy. I know how Hannibal and Alexander felt now
  7. Would that be frilly webbing, or a more hard wearing leather rig for use in the dungeon, sorry I meant to type field there.
  8. Going round all the pubs in fancy dress getting pissed?..... Oh not that rag-week.
  9. ....and not only are they all utterly gorgeous , they are maintaining their ranks better than the Brigade of Guards.
    Some of the stuff outside Buck House during the boss's Birthday parade looked more like a chimpanzee's tea party.

    Why didn't our WRAC's look more like that ..............
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  10. They dont like it up em.
  11. Fair play, they march better than the Guards.
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  12. They do after 10 pints!
  13. So good I watched it a second time in 720p on the 60" HDTV.

  14. Standard SLR 2 mag pouch. They, of course, would refer to it as their big pack.
  15. And being hypnotised, and being knocked on the head by a pick axe handle.