OK, Here's a challenge to you over sexed monkeys

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by re-stilly, Jan 17, 2012.

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  1. Asexual woman just not interested in Sex, so come on guys this has to be the ultimate challenge.

    Linky to Story
  2. That's a shame, she's lovely.

    But then again... she may not get a say in the matter.
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  3. "Surprise!!!!!!"
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  4. The program was on BBC3 last night shown again later BBC Three - How Sex Works, Playing the Field well worth the watch. :)

  5. "Jenni's relationship with Tim does have a physical side, as they cuddle and kiss to express their affection for each other."

    Tim also buys condoms designed to slow his climax with numbing gel, turns them inside out and waits for Jenni to fall asleep.

    At least thats what I'd do.
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  6. Since when did 'asexual' become a synonym for 'married'?
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  7. Sounds like Tim is destined to become a serial rapist. The next Peter Sutcliffe?
  8. "She is in a relationship with Tim, who is not asexual" This is not going to end well, is it?
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  9. These things can work out ok with a bit of compromise. I look on my marriage as an example: I keep the missus company while she goes shopping and try not to look too bored - she does the same for me while I have sex.
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  10. Do you think she"ll end up in the back of Tims' rape van?
  11. Treat yourself ....think of both, although tbh, she is a bit boyish for me....that pic of her w.o make up does nix for me.

    What's wrong with just getting her pished and turking her?....her fella must be some kind or biff to even be with her unless he's just staying around for bragging rights?

    Nah, I'd let that one go, she's a mentalist or publicity seeker......not worth the agg when there are prettier chicks giving it away for a babysham and a bag of chips.
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  12. I didn't realise my missus was a bigamist.
  13. He doesn't look capable in that photograph. However, you never know what frustration can do to a man. You can only thrap for so long.
  14. Fame Whore - I am fucking sick of people creating sexualities only to blame us 'normal' heterosexuals on being scared of our sexuality.

    Its pretty simple, if it wasnt for poofs, poor people and turkey basters, unless you were normal, you wouldnt bother the gene pool and natural selection. You would be happy in your self defeating homosexuality as nature created. Now, some fucking half male half female soap dodging tree hugger proclaimes herself to have the sex drive of an amoeba and every rainbow warrior jumps on a new sexuality.

    Guarantee that at 3am a hormone will kick in after a session and a porno and she will be stuffing anything organic over 6 inches long up her chuff.

    A-sexual..stupid ugly cunt.